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To Thine Own Self Be True

Then we go to another chaotic office scene: T-Bag waving his machine gun around the terrified hostages at GATE. Trisha sees this, and sneaks over to unlock the office and crawl inside. She shushes the one employee who sees her. T-Bag and Gretchen continue intimidating the hostages, and T-Bag leans in to comment, "There's no way this is going to end well. We should get out of here." Gretchen asks, "Don't you think it's worth it to wait ten minutes for $125 million? Suck it up." T-Bag is left wearing the same expression we used to see on Whistler's face: The things I do to keep my cool around this woman.

Meanwhile, a lead goon is busy coordinating security efforts at One World Conspiracy HQ. A little late on that, aren't you, buddy? Inside the office, Linc holds up Scylla and comments, "All that design just to hold some names and reports." General Von Baldy says, "Names and reports? Is that information from the government, or your father?" Linc warns him, "Careful ..." General Von Baldy directs Linc's attention to the top right-hand drawer, where he just happens to have a candid snap of himself standing next to Aldo Burrows. "I pulled it when your names came up," he says. We flash back to season one, where Aldo explained why he checked out on his family, and in the present, Von Baldy explains, "I knew your father since before you were born. You do know he worked for [the One World Conspiracy]." Linc sighs that Aldo was a data analyst -- hands up, all of you who suspect that Linc has no bloomin' clue what a data analyst does -- and General Von Baldy messes with Lincoln's mind by harrumphing about how Aldo was probably lying to his kids. We see Michael rolling his eyes over this, and Lincoln is doing a good job at remaining impassive until General Von Baldy says, "There's so much you don't know about [the One World Conspiracy], about Scylla, about your dad, about your mother." Nobody talks about Lincoln's mom and gets away with it! Mahone steps in, and everyone goes back to glaring at one another.

We cut to Don Self's office. He's pacing around and checking his watch, so naturally, his skeptical boss picks that very moment to come in for a status report. Don Self stalls with, "I promise you, Herb, you'll be the first to know. And as soon as I hear, I'm taking an unmarked car to the pickup location and then I'm going to --" "No, you go directly to Senator Dallow's office. I'll have the attorney general standing by," Herb says. Hands up, all you who think Senator Dallow and Herb are in the pockets of the One World Conspiracy. Don Self queasily smiles, then comments that they're almost at the finish line. Herb replies, "I know. I never thought you'd make it this far. I was wrong." Herb, there are right ways and wrong ways to motivate people. Guess which way you're using?

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Prison Break




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