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To Thine Own Self Be True

Outside Von Baldy's office, the Lead Goon is ordering a phalanx of Undergoons to surround the closed office doors, because they'll need to be prepared to go in on Von Baldy's say-so. They'll be waiting a while -- Von Baldy's reclining on the couch with a lordly air and Michael's too busy having a headache to bust his chops on anything. Scofield's grunting and clutching at his head is not lost on anyone in the room, so the minute it stops, Von Baldy asks, "What is it you all want?" Nobody volunteers an answer. Von Baldy continues, "Fernando, just say the word and your little girl's college education is paid for. We'll buy her a house to grow up in." Mahone asks derisively, "You think you can just throw some cash at us, huh? Forget everything, call it a day?" General Von Baldy replies, "Pam needs you now, Alex. Now, more than ever. You're both still hurting, but given time, it'll pass. And maybe, someday, you'll be ready to be parents again, and if money is no object --" Mahone shuts off the stream of temptation: "The desperation in your voice? You hear it?" I don't, but perhaps I'm not finely attuned to the nuances of evil. I can only appreciate the fine job that Leon Russum has done as General Von Baldy, because that patient, precise and paternal delivery is what makes him so chilling. The people running this show wouldn't know internal logic if the phrase were tattooed on their torso, but they've got sterling instincts for casting. Anyway, Mahone tells the general to get thee behind him, and it's quietly wrenching to watch Mahone struggle to reject the fruit of a poisoned tree. General Von Baldy tells the room, "Whatever you want, I can provide." Michael finally speaks: "What I want is to see the [One World Conspiracy] burned to the ground, and you in prison. It's what we all want." General Von Baldy says with calm self-assurance, "That'll never happen." Michael gives him the Blue Steel, but the pain has left him weak, so it's more like the Watery Aqua Aluminum. Not nearly so potent.

We cut to a swanky restaurant where Lisa Tabak is smiling beguilingly at her lunchtime companions. That goes away in a hurry when a waiter drops a bowl of soup in her lap. And she's not one to take it in stride when the clam chowder soaks into her St. John's skirt, so after sniping at the waiter for dabbing at the mess, Lisa huffs off to the bathroom to try and wring out some of the offending entree. Then her day gets worse, because in addition to the cream-based soup staining the skirt, Lisa's now dealing with a towel stuffed in her souphole and a gun to her head, courtesy of Dr. Sara. I honestly don't know which

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Prison Break




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