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To Thine Own Self Be True
Lisa is more surprised about -- the make-believe one on screen or the real-life one writing this recap. Because honestly, this is pretty hard-core for Dr. Sara.

Back at the One World Conspiracy HQ, Lead Goon is ordering a few of his undergoons to ready the battering ram and break into General Von Baldy's office. Inside, the general is all, "Look, we all know this is going to end badly for all of you, so just drop the charade that you know what you're doing, and let me go. I promise not to kill you until you get to the lobby." Michael stares impassively. General Von Baldy heads toward the door and Lincoln trains his pistol on him and asks where he might be headed. "You shoot me, and then what? You jump out the window of my 19th-floor office?" General Von Baldy asks incredulously. He turns to what he perceives to be the brains of the operation and says, "Michael, you kill me and you lose your leverage." As if on cue, Michael's phone rings. Surprise! It's more leverage. Lisa speaks: "I'm at gunpoint ... it's Tancredi. She says if you don't let Michael and the others leave with Scylla, she'll kill me." We cut to the general looking nonplussed. Michael smirks slightly. Then Lisa adds, "Dad ... please. Do what they want." HA! No wonder she hates Gretchen! It's not just an alpha-female thing, it's a "Why must you make my father look like a priapic vulgarian?" thing! Anyway, General Von Baldy is swayed by use of the paternal nomenclature. Michael gleefully pours salt in the wound with, "I suggest you take your daughter's advice, general." General Von Baldy snarls, "You son of a bitch!" and when Michael considers the rich irony of Von Baldy directing his outrage at someone who put his entire life on the line to save his brother from the One World Conspiracy -- well, he smiles a little more perceptibly.

Then he clicks the phone shut, which sends Von Baldy into a towering snit. Michael says coolly, "You can talk to your daughter after we've left with Scylla." Von Baldy gives Michael an outraged, impotent look. (Again, props to Leon Russum because he plays the guy's unraveling with total finesse.) He tries with "I read enough intel on your girlfriend to know she wouldn't hurt a fly." Did he read the briefing that explained what happened to Agent Kim? Because I'm thinking if you questioned him (via Ouija board, of course), he'd beg to differ. Michael says, "Maybe three months ago. She's changed. We've all changed." Then he holds up the list he'd been writing; we see that it's a list of everyone General Von Baldy's killed. Presumably it only covers the last three months, because I refuse to believe that one ascends to the top of the One World Conspiracy on the first-do-no-harm platform. Michael asks, "Fathers, sons, friends ... do you really think your daughter's life is worth any more than theirs?" To his detriment, Von Baldy does not immediately answer yes. Oh, that'll make for an awkward family reunion later. Michael explains, "One of two things is going to happen now: you're going to let us go, or Lisa will die. Either one is fine with me." The general resumes his usual calm voice and asks, "Just don't hurt her." In equally measured tones, Michael replies, "Just hold up your end of the deal, and we won't." Linc moves in then and requests, "You ordered Scylla to be moved. Show us how." Keeping Michael fixed with a death glare, Von Baldy announces he's walking everyone down and heads out the office. Team Scylla strolls out the door.

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Prison Break




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