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Dr. Sara, who had been preparing to quietly flee, stops short when she sees Michael. He walks over to her and just sort of leans into her, then says fervently, "Someday soon, we're going to drop that little boat of yours in the water and disappear forever. I promise." She only kisses the top of his head in response.

Mahone ambles off and finds a manila envelope tucked into the joists at the base of a crane. Once inside, he skulks down a corridor. Michael takes note of this and heads over to ask Linc, sotto voce, what's up with Mahone. Linc hesitates before telling Michael, "They murdered his son. The One World Conspiracy killed his son like, like... they tried to kill LJ."

We flash to Mahone looking at the autopsy photos. A few brief flashes are enough: Agent Blots Out the Sun apparently beat the child black-and-blue. We see Mahone hiding in a corner behind a shelf, bent over the folder. When Linc comes over and calls his name, Mahone tries to dissemble, but Linc plows on, "I... I know what happened. I'm sorry." Mahone manages, "They did this... to get to me, to flush me, and then they let my ex-wife stay alive... just so she could tell me that she was next if, if I didn't turn myself in. Now she's in protective custody and I'm living in a warehouse, trying to find the son of a bitch who killed my kid." Mahone's trying to choke back the sobs at this point. Linc says, "We're all here for something. You need to stay focused until this is done." Mahone insists he can do his job. Linc replies, "Good. I promise I'll do whatever it takes to help you find the person that killed your son, and the people behind the hit. We're going to get these guys, Alex. I'm going to help you." Mahone tries to pull himself together and reels toward Linc with his hand outstretched. Linc clasps it and Mahone begins weeping again. He can't even look at Linc, but we see Linc looking at Mahone with something resembling parental concern. Ah, Mikey -- you may be the brains of the operation, but Linc is rapidly becoming its Big Poppa. It takes a big guy to bury the grudge against the guy who shot your dad, and an even bigger one to reach out and promise to help him as a bereaved dad. All hail Big Poppa Linc!

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