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Outside, it turns out that Mahone's calling Agent Lang. Oh, awesome. She rules! She's also in Gainesville, Florida, at the moment, and I mention that only because it seems like such a random location. Anyway, Lang's suitably surprised to be hearing from Mahone since, last time she saw him, he was a drug-addled loon on his way back to the Big House. Mahone doesn't exactly fill her in on his miraculous rehab and resumed chokehold on sanity, but he does ask her to send him something in Los Angeles. After just a few seconds of beseeching, he asks, "You just need to reach out to the residential agency in Durango." Lang says no, and right as Linc comes out to glower at Mahone, he overhears Mahone saying, "Do you know what they did? They killed my son. They killed my boy." We cut to Linc, who looks like he's revising his previous plan to bitch out Mahone. We cut to Lang, who is probably remembering that conversation they had about C-Note and his sick kid and feeling like a perfect ass, and she stammers, "I-I don't know what to say." Mahone's like, "Say that you'll help me, please? I just need your help. I need to find out who did it, please."

Dr. Sara comes by to ask Michael why he's being such a snappy little alpha dog to the rest of the pack, and Michael admits, "Self said we have until the end of the day to find the next card holder, or we all go back to prison."

Well, you may go there. I am going to the new credits. Most of it appears to be footage from the first two episodes, which is economical, but not exactly intriguing when it comes to forecasting new plotlines. Also, there is no nifty little closing item -- like the origami swan in season one, the dropping cuffs in season two, the dropping chicken foot in season three . Instead, we get a shot of Michael and the outline of a dragon, so I am not sure if this is because his headaches presage his transformation into the fire-breathing mythical creatures of yore, or if this is because someone editing the credits was like, "No way am I closing these on a data card. Come on!"

And now ... we have two extraneous storylines that are have no direct involvement in Team Scylla's capers. Therefore we will have two paragraphs that document these sidelines so any real and relevant plots arising from them later don't come as a surprise to us. In the first, T-Bag's streak of implausibly good luck continues. He ends up at a nicely furnished apartment, and before you can say Pier One Imports much? he's somehow managed to pass himself off as Cole Pfeiffer, salesman extraordinaire with the GATE company ("Greatness Achieved Through Excellence"), a firm referenced in Whistler's bird book. T-Bag's new boss, Gregory White, just can't wait to meet him and give him his $10,000 new-job bonus in person. We'll see how long it takes before T-Bag manages to lose this money in an end-of-season macguffin.

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Prison Break




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