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Back at the Anaheim server farm, Dr. Sara's ruse has just about run its course. The security guy realizes that his badge is gone and she had something to do with it. Outside, Linc realizes "She's been made," and he calls Michael to let him know: "The guard has her. You have to get out of there now." No, Michael would rather leave Roland in the server room and run off to rescue his girlfriend from the security drone's meaty paws. Michael's idea of riding to the rescue? Pulling a fire alarm. Out in the lobby, the security bear rolls his eyes all, "Now? REALLY?" He tells Dr. Sara not to move as he heads toward the phones, but the moment he's dialing, she gloms on to a group of people and walks outside.

We cut to Roland, who is alternating between muttering dire imprecations at the assorted machines around him and shaking in pants-wetting terror. Michael comes back in to see how he's doing, and Roland gibbers, "We're almost there! We're almost there!" Then they are there, and it's time to take off -- and that's when the left-brain ninjas discover that part of the facililty's fire plan includes auto-locking the doors and sucking all the air out of the room. Roland's like, "Why the hell did you pull the fire alarm?!" and Michael takes a moment out from muttering, "Stupid, stupid" to feebly reason, "This is an old building. It shouldn't have such an advanced system." Then he broods on how thoroughly he's screwed up.

Fortunately, we have Linc around. He calls Michael to delicately inquire as to why Michael and Roland have not taken advantage of the fire drill to stroll on out, and Michael babbles, "Linc! Linc! We're trapped in the server room, and it's sucking all the oxygen out. We've got two, maybe three minutes of air left. Linc? Linc?"

We see that Linc has hung up and just matter-of-factly strode by a fire truck, liberating an ax along the way. He matter-of-factly walks into the building. Not only does nobody wonder, "Who is that guy and why is he holding an ax?" -- they don't even notice. I love that.

Back in the server room, it's probably occurred to Michael that maybe, just maybe, he would have lived longer if Roland had not had a hyperventilating panic attack. Fortunately, the two of them only have to contemplate their imminent mortality for a moment or two before Linc appears with his ax and the window learns the meaning of LINCOLN SMASH.

We cut to Bellick and Sucre hanging out in the parking lot at Evil Oligarchs Incorporated, and Bellick attempts to make small talk: "You think we're spinning our wheels?" Sucre points out that they have to track Tuxhorne somehow. Bellick says that he's not talking about Tuxhorne: "'I'm talking about finding the cards. I'm talking about finding six cards. And I'm talking about whether we actually have a snowball's chance in Haiti of doing this deed!" Ah, so Bellick's going to be the snivelly naysayer this season? Good to know. He continues, "We're a couple of hours from Mexico, and I wouldn't mind having someone with me who could speak the native tongue." Wait -- didn't Bellick mess with Sucre's head vis a vis the whole "I kidnapped your girlfriend and threw her down a well, so get me money and lots of it!" plot of season two? Does he assume this is all water under the bridge now? Sucre looks like he hasn't forgotten at all.

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Prison Break




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