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Then there's a tiny scene wherein we establish that Don Self feels so strongly about taking down the One World Conspiracy that he's willing to go over his boss's head and plead his case to Senator Dallow himself.

Back at Team Scylla HQ, everyone's poring over the retrieved e-mails. One appears to be spam for a virility-enhancing product (Roland is like, "I cannot believe I risked my life for pecker pills"), and the second invite's an chance to join the Stargazer's Club, complete with a labeled map of the heavens. Mahone says, "There's a website that lets you enter the coordinates of star patterns, and depending on the date, it'll pick a corresponding location on Earth." Michael asks, "And you know this because?" Mahone almost sounds normal as he says, "Because my son [pause] and my ex and I used to go on this site. He would look up at the sky, and know where I was." Dr. Sara points out that the star map in the e-mail corresponds to someplace in Antarctica, so, um, not so much with that theory. Mahone's too lost in recriminations and grief to really care.

Roland snots, "So I almost died for nothing. That's good to know." Michael says curtly, "A lot of people have died." Roland gets up to walk away and tosses off, "Well, that's their problem. Because anyone who gives up their life for this crap is a sucker! You guys can't win! Aiiigh!" That last comment comes courtesy of Mahone, who has grabbed Roland by the throat and slammed him down on the table. "Say it again!" he growls. "Say it about the people who died! Say it!" Linc looks alarmed -- he seems to be imagining how he'd react if he were Mahone. Or maybe he's remembering both his ex-wife Lisa and his ex-girlfriend Veronica. (Sure, Veronica was a moron, but she still didn't deserve to be shot.) Only Linc's calm hand on Mahone's shoulder keeps him from murdering Team Scylla's data bandit, and then Linc manhandles Roland some more, adding the admonition, "Get up, get back to your nerd box, and do your job."

Meanwhile, Bellick is still pitching the idea of him and Sucre as the stars of Shawshank Redemption II. Sucre is outraged by the idea: "I vouched for you, Bellick. I told Michael [you] helped me get to Chicago. 'He's a good guy. Trust him.' Are you crazy? Now you want to just run when we have a chance to clear our names?" Bellick says, "Odds of that don't look so good. Tank's full, gas pedal's on the right -- I say we get the hell out of Dodge right now!" Sucre turns to him and says, "You listen to me. There's only one thing I'm thinking about. She weighs seven pounds, has her mother's eyes, and my heart in the palm of her tiny hand. So if I've got to find one card, or six cards, or six million cards, I'm going to do whatever it takes, 'cause I only got to hold my baby girl for ten seconds and that wasn't nearly long enough." However, as of right now, it looks that "whatever it takes" will include "getting arrested by the Feds," as it looks like someone's just pulled the plug on Team Scylla. Sucre manages to text a message to Michael ("Run.") before he's back in bracelets.

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Prison Break




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