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The Team Scylla fugitives are in a loading dock area, which is fine stopgap measure for losing the tracking signal, but as Mahone points out, it's no permanent solution. Amputations for everyone! Once you're all down a limb, you'll develop the ability to manipulate the weather, read minds, kill people with plasma blasts from your eyes and turn anything you need into ice. At least, that seems roughly analogous to how it's worked out for T-Bag so far. Michael eschews radical limb modification in favor of meditating on those e-mails: "The answers are in here. They have to be. If I can just find them, we might have a chance." Linc points out that the spam ad is filled with gibberish, and Michael says, "That's what makes them ideal for hiding data."

Dr. Sara notices that Michael's got a bit of a headache or something, and she talks him down: "You're going to figure this out. We're getting good at pulling off the impossible. Hell, I came back from the dead, right?" Oh, HA ha. Never mind that head-in-a-box was a dumb idea. Anyway, Michael notices all the concert posters on top of one another, and quickly realizes the e-mails are supposed to be layered. Punch out the holes in the star map invite and lay the paper over the pecker-pill spam and you get the message: "Power plant, new beach." So, it's off to the Newport Beach power plant! Linc says, "We ain't got that long until four o'clock. How the hell are we going to get out of here?" Michael asks, "How fast can you run?" And they're off again.

We cut to Don Self and company chasing them, and one agent cruelly asks Don Self if he's got a signal. Don nearly loses a lung as he gasps that he does. If he's going to stick around on this show, Don Self needs to consider a rigorous cardiac regimen, as he can count on doing more sprinting. Right now, it looks like the only thing that's been on his training table is a plateful of little chocolate doughnuts.

Lincoln cab-jacks a, uhm, cab and drives everyone to the power plant. I hope he didn't switch on the meter.

We cut to Stuart Tuxhorne meeting up with General Von Baldy. Stuart would rather be in a boardroom: "A little cloak-and-dagger, don't you think?" "Belts and suspenders, Stuart, belts and suspenders," Von Baldy says. Then they have a discussion in which it's alluded to that Laos will be the Phase I testing site for some ridiculous scheme, Phase II will involve staging something in Denmark or Chad, and the final phase ... "anything we want."

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Prison Break




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