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Not if Team Scylla gets there first! There is something delightful about a group of people pulling up to a hot pursuit site in a cab. It gives me hope that we'll have a later scene that takes place on the parking lot shuttles at Disneyland, or perhaps the rent-a-bikes at Venice Beach. Anyway, the plan to intercept the meeting runs awry when a fleet of feds pulls up. Everyone scatters. Linc meets car and for once, it's LINCOLN SMASHED. Mahone is quickly apprehended. Michael and Dr. Sara run off together (aww!), but she realizes she's not really a wanted fugitive, so she stalls everyone. Thus Michael can sprint off to do some mystery errand.

A cuffed Lincoln tries to explain to Don Self, at the top of his lungs, that they're making a big mistake, what with Michael currently observing a Scylla meeting, but Don Self doggedly insists, at the top of his lungs, that it's all over. Lincoln insists, "It's not." It never ceases to touch me, his faith in Michael.

Speaking of whom, he's just observed a meeting in which Von Baldy alluded to offshore drilling and gigahertz, and then Michael happens to notice that many more black sedans are about to join Tuxhorne and Von Baldy.

Back at Scylla HQ, a mouthy Roland is being manhandled in a van (I swear, it's like he has a fetish for domination play and he's afraid to embrace it, so he's forced to goad muscle-y men into brutality to get his kicks. Prison will either be the death of him, or the site of a sexual epiphany that dwarfs anything Toni Bentley ever pondered.) Bellick snivels some, but it's Sucre's silent and contemptuous look that really chaps Don Self's desk-job ass. Just then, Michael pulls up in a cab. Don Self speaks for all of us with, "You gotta be kidding me."

Michael hands over his smartphone and orders, "Press the video function... it wasn't a meeting between two cardholders, Agent Self. It was a meeting between all six cardholders. So now we know who has the other five cards -- and that should mean something, even to someone whose word means nothing." Don Self flashes back to the head of his department babbling about the senator -- perhaps he saw something on the phone that makes him suspect that his boss is now part of the One World Conspiracy? Whatever it is, Don Self makes up his mind. He hands back the smartphone with a warning: "Next time you run from me? I'm not going to be chasing you down in a car. It's going to be with a bullet in your back." He then calls to let the cuffed members of Team Scylla free. Don Self's about to piss off his boss!

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Prison Break




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