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T-Bag is not sent along with the others. For some reason, Mahone seems especially pissed that T-Bag dropped the dime on them. Odd, given that a seasoned law enforcer should be so shocked that T-Bag, of all people, is untrustworthy.

We then switch to Slick and Christina's arrival at the industrial park. They bring along a few auxiliary goons as they troop into the warehouse where Michael is presumably hanging out. However, Michael is now outside, filling the car's vents with his bindles of white powder. We see his (stolen) black sedan zoom by, and that alerts Christina's crew. Slick and the others race outside, hop in the car ... and promptly begin choking from the poison gas the car began belching upon ignition. Michael comes over, punches a goon, then grabs his mother. We get a bad-ass shot of the sunglasses-clad, leather-jacket-wearing Dr. Sara casually leaning against an open car trunk door, and then she just looks down as Michael shuts the unconscious Christina in the trunk.

When Christina comes to, she's been duct-taped to a chair at Deb's place. However, neither Michael nor Dr. Sara -- both of whom are no strangers to having been abducted -- deemed it appropriate or necessary to slap a strip of tape over Christina's mouth. Boy, do I regret that. Michael asks where Scylla is, and after Christina woozily replies, "You don't expect me to answer that, do you?' Michael replies that he does because "your life depends on it, and your track record shows that you're always looking out for Number One." Christina promptly begins pulling the maternal strings with "I've waited 25 years for this moment. There's no way I can say everything I want to say to you." Michael's like, "Why should I let you?" and Christina replies, "Because I'm your mother." This is where Dr. Sara -- who has been watching everything -- should tag in as bad cop, with a good hard bitchslap and an "Enough of that. Pull the mom card again and I -- who am not related to you -- will cap your St. Johns-wearing ass." Alas. Because she does not, Christina is free to natter on, "It's nice to meet you, Sara. In some ways, Michael's done very well for himself. In other ways, I'm not so sure. Lincoln's led you down a dark path." Michael tells Christina that this really isn't about Lincoln, i.e. The Only Parental Figure Michael Has Had Since Not One, But Both Parents, Took Off On Promising Career Tracks In Espionage. Christina moves on: "None of us wants to see Scylla go to the [One World Conspiracy] so if we can put the past behind us, maybe we can work something out." Michael shrugs, "You tell me where Scylla is and we'll work something out. We'll go 50/50." Christina asks, "A mother-son operation?" Michael is noncommittal. This, unfortunately, prompts an Evil Villainess-style monologue from Christina and how she knows Michael better than he knows himself. He's not having it, so he stomps out. And -- again -- makes the mistake of not slapping a piece of duct tape over the abductee's mouth. Hasn't he learned ANYTHING from any of the times he's been spirited away against his will?

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Prison Break




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