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Meanwhile, Dr. Sara is having another tiresome chat with Christina. My word, let's hope that Christina and Michael stay estranged or else Dr. Sara is in for a lifetime of excruciating Thanksgiving meals. This is, of course, assuming she survives the escape attempt Christina is already planning with the help of some dental floss and the doorstop.

The general's got Christina on his mind too, barking into a phone that "Christina Scofield will not be leaving Miami tonight! I want eyes at every airport and gas station between here and Atlanta, and I want the names of everyone attending that conference!" T-Bag is immediately at his elbow, oozing that, "I thought you might be asking that question, so I called down to the front desk at the hotel, said I was from the newspapers." Smirking at T-Bag's naked careerism, General Von Baldy looks down the list and patronizingly says, "These are all scientists." Sandusky burbles through a mouthful of blood, "I told you." T-Bag explicates, "Those are the speakers. The special guests are below." The name "Bannerjee" catches Von Baldy's attention, and he exposits that this guy is the son of India's prime minister and something of a solar weapons hobbyist. "This will all be open by the end of the day," General Von Baldy vows.

Meanwhile, Michael has not been successful raising Lincoln via the phone. This is because Linc, Mahone and Don Self are busy chasing Slick all over the greater downtown Miami area -- on foot.

Hey, remember how Michael left a gun for Dr. Sara on the console with the instruction for her to use it if Christina was any trouble? Guess who's making trouble now by sawing through her duct-tape bindings? And guess who left her gun on the console for the hostage to get to? It is no great surprise that Dr. Sara ends up duct-taped on the floor of Deb's place. Christina takes off.

So the guys are still running after Slick, but Mahone's senses -- which had apparently been on leave, what with his "T-Bag a betrayer? O, foul surprise!" fit and all - come back. The brainiac notices that a) Slick has led them back to the hotel where the energy conference is, and b) the silver rental van is parked right in the back. "They want us here. Something's going on," he concludes. Despite Mahone warning that this is a trip, Lincoln decides to sprint toward the danger. And we cut to Slick, who is calling Christina and confirming that indeed, he's led the Three Wise Guys to where she wanted them.

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Prison Break




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