Prison Break

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Agent Kim -- dead! Also, many other conspiracy stooges!

Then we flash to the courtroom in Chicago. Kellerman's on the stand, radiating more earnestness than a Boy Scout at an Eagle court of honor. He's saying, "The things I'm about to divulge to you will, in all likelihood, get me killed. Actually, I guarantee it." Marty the lawyer asks why Kellerman's doing it. Kellerman courts the jury and has them sitting on his lap with the lines, "Because this was supposed to be about country, about loyalty, about what's right. But it wasn't. Because... I wronged people who should not have been wronged." We cut to Dr. Sara staring intently at Kellerman, no doubt remembering their tub time together.

We then fade out, to signify time elapsing. When we fade in again, Kellerman is busy telling everyone, "Those orders were given by Caroline Reynolds, who was Vice President at the time. On those orders, I planted evidence, I procured a body, I lured Lincoln Burrows into that parking garage on that evening on the false premises of a different hit. From the ground up, we framed him. So Lincoln Burrows gets executed, people forget about Terrence Steadman, the controversy surrounding him and the presidency, and nobody ever knows about the [One World Conspiracy]."

The prosecutor is skeptical of the existence of the One World Conspiracy, then adds, "I fail to see how any of this is relevant to Sara Tancredi, that she aided and abetted, that she jumped bail --" Kellerman interrupts, "She did so because she feared for her life, which was appropriate, as I had orders to kill her." Well, that shuts the prosecutor right the hell up. Dr. Sara seems to be startled by Kellerman's admission. Why, I have no idea -- was she not present on at least one occasion where Kellerman did try to kill her? Did she think he was doing so for extra credit?

Back on the beach in Panama, Michael gazes back at Chaco -- hard at work getting the local kids hooked on smack, no doubt -- and an idea percolates. He comes over and asks, "Are you still in the magic business?' "Siempre," Chaco replies.

We cut to the judge, who has just examined Exhibits C (for contrivance) through R (for resolution) and concluded that verily, Kellerman's supporting evidence proves the existence of the One World Conspiracy, gets Dr. Sara off the hook, and tells us what really happened to Tupac Shakur. The upshot: the prosecutor is dropping all charges against Dr. Sara, effective immediately. However, because prosecutors hate having free time on their hands, they'll be looking into spending the next five years compiling the list of charges to bring against Kellerman. Dr. Sara's a little stunned by all these developments. She turns around and tells Kellerman, "I literally don't even know what to say to you." As Kellerman's led away, he tells her, "It was good knowing you, Sara." Is it wrong to find that weirdly gallant?

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Prison Break




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