Prison Break
The Art of the Deal

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Where The Wild Things Are
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We begin this episode right where the last one ended: Whistler has driven off and the two brothers are all, "Well, fuuuuuu...dge." (What? This show's on FOX. Ain't no F-bombs on network prime time.) They quickly hop in the car and pursue Whistler, and we get yet another car chase scene. Whistler is quite good at evasive driving...when on earth would a humble fisherman have the time to develop those types of skills?

Whistler eventually ditches the truck and begins running on foot through the streets. The brothers follow suit and the car chase gives way to a footrace. Michael is Whistler's primary pursuer, and Whistler manages to duck down an alley that lets out into another street before Michael can catch up. By the time Michael's on the other side of the alley, there's no sign of Whistler. He heads in one direction, and we see Whistler poke his head around the corner and then amble in the other. He manages to charm a lady into letting him borrow her mobile phone, and then he calls Susan B. Whistler says, "I lost them. You need to come and pick me up." Whistler, you rat fink! You were working in cahoots with Susan B. the whole time! You lying liar who lies! Susan B. asks, "Where are you?" Whistler turns around to look, and thanks to Lincoln's surprise appearance, it would appear that Whistler's answer is going to have to be "Supine on the sidewalk." Linc picks up the phone, trains a gun on Whistler and tells Susan B. chirpily, "Let me guess." Susan B. looks shocked but recovers with, "If anything happens to him." Lincoln replies, "That depends, doesn't it? [Kicks Whistler brutally]." Michael rounds the corner just in time to catch this. His expression -- Of course Linc has pinned Whistler under his work boot. Why wouldn't he? -- suggests volumes about their childhood. Susan B. bitches that she's at the warehouse and Lincoln is like, "Hey, if Whistler hadn't decided to take a flier..." Susan B. tells him, "Why don't you get back here? I have L.J. and Sofia and I'm ready to do the exchange." Linc tells her, "I'll call you back" and hangs up right as she snaps, "What?!"

We cut to Whistler retching on the ground and Linc shares that "the plan's shot -- she's already there." "So now what?" Michael wonders. Whistler pipes up, "I can fix this. That's what I was trying to do." Michael points out, "You were calling them to pick you up." Whistler nobly protests that it's so nobody else gets hurt: "You really think I would put anyone's life at risk?" "You already have," Michael points out.

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Prison Break




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