The Final Break

ANYWAY. Michael leads Dr. Sara over to a door and explains that on the other side of the door is a hundred yards of tunnel. Waiting at the end of said tunnel will be Lincoln. "And after that, there's a boat bound for white sand and blue water," he smiles. Michael fishes around for some doodad and explains, "I'll power-surge the system. It'll override the signal for a few seconds -- long enough for you to open the hatch. So get ready." Dr. Sara assumes a sprinting position at the door. Michael swipes his card through with "Three, two, one" ... and nothing happens. He tries again. Cut to him wearing an expression that can be translated as OF COURSE nothing can go right with this escape. Why should I get a break now?

Michael says, "I was afraid this might happen," and Dr. Sara shows a cool head with, "It's okay. It's all right. We're going to keep moving and we're going to find another way out of here." Michael looks very sad as he tells Dr. Sara, "I know what I have to do."

Meanwhile, Agent Jerkface goes sprinting into the chapel with his gun drawn and, upon finding it empty, decides he'll show that darn invisible Holy Spirit a thing or two by bringing in a few police units as backup.

Linc, Sucre and Mahone are getting all twitchy outside the prison. On the inside, Michael is explaining to Dr. Sara that "the battery isn't generating enough power. We'll have to blow the system for the whole building." We cut to Dr. Sara looking at Michael with a great deal of trepidation. He flings open the doors to the main fuse box and explains what he's going to do: "This is the main fuse. If I yank that, everything will go dark for a second. If I reconnect these two cables ..." He trails off, probably because he's searching for a tactful way to say "I will be providing a first-hand demonstration of why water makes such an excellent conductor for electricity. You did know human beings are basically big bags of talking water, right?" Michael finds that tactful way: when he reconnects those two cables, "There'll be a lot of noise. Every lightbulb in this place is going to blow. And when that happens, you need to open that hatch. Then I want you to start running."

Dr. Sara nods, then asks, "What about you?" Michael gives her an agonized look. Dr. Sara knows that face and prods, "Michael?" He comes over and smoothes down her hair as he explains, "Someone has to stay here, and someone has to open the hatch. And that someone's got to be you." Dr. Sara's still not getting it: "So I'll leave it open for you." Michael holds her and starts to explain: "This is the only way --"

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