The Final Break

The next thing you know, Linc and Dr. Sara are on a boat. Neither of them have nautical-themed pashmina afghans, although I am relieved to see that Dr. Sara finally managed to get a shower. I hope for her sake Michael remembered to stash a big, disorganized shoulder bag on board so she can get back to hauling that thing with her everywhere she goes.

Anyway, it's quite a nice boat, complete with flat-screen TV and DVD player, and Michael's nearest and dearest settle down to see what basically amounts to Michael's video will. He comes over, sits in front of the camera, and says:

Well, if you're watching this, I'm glad, because it means you're safe. And that's all I ever wanted. I wish I could be there with you, but as you probably know now, I wouldn't have had much time anyway. So I made my choice, and I don't regret it. Anyway, not too long from now, there's going to be another little Scofield running around. And Linc, I want you to promise me, no matter what, they're going to grow up knowing their uncle is never far away. And Sara, I want you to promise me that you're going to keep an eye on Linc. As you may have noticed, he has a tendency to get in trouble. You know, we spend so much of our lives not saying the things we want to say, the things we should say. We speak in code, and we send little messages. Origami. So now, plainly, simply, I want to say that I love you both very much. And I want you to promise me that you're going to tell my child -- that you're going to tell my child how much they're loved, every day. And remind them how lucky they are to be free. Because we are. We're free now. Finally -- we're free.

And on that note, Michael's last message goes dark. And so, for the last time, does Prison Break.

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