The Final Break ou, that's cool." But it's not, really -- Dr. Sara's quick and silent rejection earns her the honor of slopping oil into the repository. While she's out there, she and Linc catch sight of each other.

Dr. Sara's about to head inside, but she's waylaid by Gretchen, courtesy of a hand to the throat. Gretchen would like to know what Lincoln's doing over by the fence. As Dr. Sara takes her sweet time in not answering, Daddy comes out and sees Dr. Sara pinned up against the wall and Gretchen hemming her in. Ooh, this is the kind of awkward social misunderstanding none of the etiquette books ever cover. Daddy decides that she's not getting into this -- it's an effective way to demonstrate what belonging to a family can do -- and Gretchen points out to Dr. Sara that she's alone, so she might as well answer. Fortunately, a guard comes along then, so Dr. Sara's spared from saying anything.

Over on the men's side, it's dinnertime. T-Bag has a brief conversation with a con: the con's wife is on the ladies' side of the prison, and she's willing to undercut the $100K bounty on Dr. Sara's head by a substantial amount. T-Bag promises to pass the offer along to Von Baldy. Alas, their mutual hostility gets in the way.

The badly beaten-up Dr. Sara knocks on Daddy's cell door and Daddy looks up from her conversation with the other ladies by asking with elaborate politesse, "To what do we owe the honor?" Dr. Sara says she changed her mind and she'd like to join the family. Agatha snarks that Daddy's changed her mind, and Daddy says, "Squirt's right. I recently have rolled up my welcome mat. Peace." Daddy has a delivery not unlike the late Mitch Hedburg's, which makes everything she says unintentionally comedic. Dr. Sara's not laughing, though. She quietly heads over to Daddy and pleads to be let into the family. Daddy orders everyone out and says, "I would love that. I would -- sit down -- I really would. But see, it's not as easy as just saying 'I do.'" Daddy takes off a snake pendant she is wearing and explains, "See, you're making a commitment to a family. It's something you gotta prove." And Dr. Sara's intent of proof? She has to agree to be branded with the now-heated-up snake. (Agatha's been busy with a butane lighter.) And we get to see it in gory detail, because it's not a Prison Break production unless some girl is getting physically brutalized at regular intervals.

Outside the prison, things have gotten weird in that Lincoln and Sucre are in a garage and they practically swoon upon seeing Mahone. There are hugs and everything. Mahone warns, "We gotta talk," and then we transition to the condo where Mahone explains, "They're watching you ... the whole department." Michael, who wasn't at HugFest '09 and is feeling a little left out, pissily says, "Sounds a lot like inside information, Alex. What'd you do, make a deal with the Feds?" Mahone rolls his eyes before replying, "They offered me my old job back if I came down here to spy on you. Now the Fed you're talking about, he'll be referred to throughout the recap as Agent Jerkface, because there's no point in wasting precious brain resources on remembering the name of a cardboard villain introduced solely for the purpose of making your already-tricky prison break even more difficult." Mahone then offers his help if anyone wants it.

The four men start looking at the surveillance photos and suchlike that they've got for Foxy River. Long story short: Michael's found a blind spot in the fence and so long as Dr. Sara can get herself out to the motor pool, the boys can get her. (The blind spot came into being courtesy of some fencing retrofits that the two security cameras have not adjusted for.) Next step: to get word to Dr. Sara telling her where to be. Sucre asks, "How? We get no visitation and no phone calls." Michael picks up a square piece of white paper.

In the next scene, the lady warden is reading the letter. She reluctantly concludes that it's harmless and therefore, Dr. Sara can read it. Within seconds, the letter's tossed onto Dr. Sara's bunk. She reads, in Michael's voice-over: "Remember when I taught you about flowers? I wish I was there with you right now, to see you holding one in your hand." We flash back to a considerably fresher-looking Dr. Sara picking up the origami rose that Michael made for her birthday in season one. In the present, Dr. Sara quickly folds up her letter as an origami flower. The petals read "Tomorrow. P.M. Seven. Oil dump." Dr. Sara tries not to look so relieved that her brainiac escaped-con husband has figured out a way to spring her.

Speaking of the brainiac, he's just rolled back into the his condo, only to discover that Agent Jerkface is waiting there and looking over the schematics Michael so carelessly left out. Michael promptly asks Agent Jerkface if he has a warrant and Jerkface answers, "A warrant? I don't need one. My testimony will be that your brother let me in, and once inside, I saw all this evidence in plain sight." We cut to Lincoln looking confused, like FUNNY MAN, LINCOLN NOT LET YOU IN. Michael asks, "What evidence? Those pictures were taken of public property, that prison was paid for by taxpayers, so all you have evidence of is an exonerated citizen standing on a public road taking pictures of a public building. Last I checked, that wasn't a crime." Agent Jerkface floats a trial balloon: "What if I said I could get you on attempt just for having this stuff?" I'd say you'd have a jury that's pretty pissed that you're wasting the taxpayers' money on your paranoid revenge schemes, Jerkface. But this entire movie seems to be making the case that all a publicly-supported law enforcement body of any kind is good for is abusing its power. Throw off the shackles of authority! Prison Break says so!

Michael claims, "What if I told you this was all a peace offering? The warden won't let me see my wife. So I thought if I found a few lapses in security and pointed them out as a gesture of good faith, she might change her mind." Agent Jerkface is openly skeptical, but he's dealing with the master of impassivity, so he leaves empty-handed.

And now, it's shower time at Foxy River. Lots of ladies lathering luxuriously as the steam rises up in cliched billows. The whole scene is approximately two bare breasts away from being the opening sequence in a late-night Cinemax movie. But, since this DVD is still rated for television, the only salaciousness is Gretchen propositioning a short-haired guard: "As I understand it, you do favors for those who reciprocate." And she's offering to reciprocate. The guard looks intrigued.

Cut to Daddy's cell getting tossed by the guards while Daddy furiously protests, "This is bush league, boss!" When the short-haired guard finds a bindle of powder, Daddy hops up and down in fury, claiming she's been framed. Alas, the guards aren't buying what she's selling (how fortunate for her, then, that she's not trying to sell drugs), and so Daddy's going to be getting a little "Me Time" in SHU. Well, all parents do need a time-out from the ceaseless demands of their children, so it's like Gretchen's doing Daddy a favor, yes? She seems to think so; she's practically beaming from the rush of altruism. Or because she's scheming.

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