The Final Break

Meanwhile, Mahone's meeting with Agent Jerkface. We learn that Mahone tipped off Jerkface on the security cameras; we also deduce that Mahone's all, "Now that THAT is settled, you can get back to the kind of bumbling hijinks best suited to a Carl Hiassen story, and I can get me a badge ..." with Jerkface. Alas, Jerkface is convinced that so long as Michael's concerned for Dr. Sara, he'll try to break her out of prison. That moving Dr. Sara to safer, less brtual facilities might mitigate the problem is apparently too outside-the-box for Agent Jerkface. The taxpayers in the Prison Break America would be so thrilled to know that their money supports these Javert-like exercises in idiocy.

We then cut to Michael setting up a video camera to record. His opening lines: "Well, if you're watching this, I'm glad because that means you're safe ..."

Some time later, Sucre's made a coffee run, and as he comes back to the condo with Linc, he's questioning Michael's break-out plans: "I know he's going to jump out of a plane. The question is, can he land?" Lincoln concedes, "Not without getting caught." Sucre continues to ask pointed questions about all the flaws in this place (getting Dr. Sara out of the cellblock, relying on T-Bag for anything beyond a labored metaphor and an unhelpful quip) and Linc is rightfully alarmed that Sucre has somehow become the voice of reason in the bunch. Michael rolls by and Linc's like, "We need to rethink this whole thing." "Look at you trying to think! It's so cute!" Michael more or less tells him. Michael reiterates his plans: get into the yard, escape through the chapel where the subterranean exit is. Mahone comes in right then and Michael snaps, "Where have you been?" Mahone casually replies, "What did I miss?" Michael just asks him to find a plane and a pilot. Mahone shrugs. Who knows? Maybe he's got a hefty aviation retainer he's been paying out against this very eventuality. Meanwhile, Linc and Sucre are on the get-T-Bag's-money detail. Both Linc and Sucre look skeptical and Michael adds, "Do it by 7 p.m. tonight, or Sara's going to die in there." THAT gets everyone's attention. Goooooo, team!

Meanwhile, General Von Baldy is trying to confirm with Daniels that he's made arrangements regarding Dr. Sara. Daniels confirms that he's got the cash, but "the woman we hired is having trouble getting close to Dr. Tancredi." General Von Baldy snaps, "Then hire someone else. Call it open season. Put a bounty on her head. I don't care how you do it, I want Sara Tancredi dead by the end of the day."

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