The Final Break

Cut to T-Bag on the phone with Linc. He's just handed over the number and now he demands, "I want that money wired to the account number specified. No wire, no fire. You boys do me wrong, I have no qualms about singing loud and clear -- you understand?" Lincoln grunts noncommittally.

Across the room, Sucre's just finished making travel arrangements with Sofia (she'll meet them in the Dominican Republic, then they'll fly to Costa Rica). Linc's fine with that; he and Sucre are off to rob Daniels, then wire the ill-gotten Von Baldy stash to Central America. Michael announces that they're ready, and bumps knuckles with Sucre to thank him for everything. Perhaps I'm speaking out of turn here, but knuckle-bumping seems a tad reserved for the kind of relationship these two have.

Inside the prison, the guards are busy un-making everyone's beds and muttering about the situational comedy of being in a prison full of women with nary a gossip in sight. Neither Gretchen nor Sara seem particularly disturbed by Agatha's getting the hook. Instead, Gretchen shows Dr. Sara this grotty little pendant she made in wood shop -- a heart with the word "Emily" burnt into it. Need I point out that the "i" in "Emily" is dotted with a heart? We should, I suppose be grateful that Gretchen is motivated to help Dr. Sara because she so hopes to escape and give Emily the pendant on her birthday. I personally am grateful that the tacky little thing is wood and therefore will eventually rot and return to the soil. Anyway, Dr. Sara realizes that her new "family" is going to go Manson Family on her if she doesn't partner up with Gretchen, so she tells the other woman that they need to get to the chapel. This escape just got a lot more interesting; I like to imagine that we didn't see Gretchen in the flash-forward scenes because she's too busy off being a badass.

Sucre, dressed in a painters' overalls, manages to distract Daniels with his cock-and-bull story about being from American Paint Company long enough to gain entry to the house. This sends Daniels and his briefcase full of Von Baldy's cash into the garage and an SUV. Unfortunately for Daniels, Linc is there. He cocks a gun and orders, "Get out." I am so disappointed that he has yet to break out the LINCOLN SMASH. This complete-sentences-speaking, tool-using primate is practically a stranger.

We cut to Mahone driving Michael to the parachute store (or close enough, for our purposes). Michael's left a DVD on the seat, and Mahone looks all haunted. (Somewhere, Lang looks up from he work, absolutely haunted by the prospect of this. All in good time, lady.) So he calls Michael back over and tells him, "There's a better way."

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