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Escaping from the prison of love

When the episode begins, Lincoln is drifting in and out of consciousness. We know this because the director's employing an arty-farty exposition technique wherein we alternate between a black screen and scenes of unalloyed carnage, all timed to the beating of Lincoln's heart.

Then the director discovers he has a "blurry" setting on the camera, and we get the Lincoln's-eye view of things. Lincoln does not approve of low-res exposition. His head falls back on the ground with a thud and he groans for a while. An unremarkable gray sedan pulls up in the distance, and we see an unremarkable fellow dressed in jeans and a pullover get out. Linc sees a column of navy blue. We see Kellerman.

He hunkers down next to Lincoln and begins pulling on gloves. As he does, he talks: "I used to have a Great Dane. Big and loyal. When she was 12, she got cancer, so we put her down. You'd think it would be this big, dramatic event, but it was very…peaceful." Toward the end of this monologue, Kellerman has stuffed a glove over Lincoln's nose and mouth, climbed on his chest, and begun suffocating him. Kellerman continues, "One minute she was breathing, the next she wasn't." What do you want to bet the young Kellerman watched the whole thing, beady eyes agleam at the prospect of someone deciding when a living thing should die?

Kellerman continues to suffocate Lincoln as a second car pulls up on the previously abandoned road. The guy getting out hollers a query about calling 911, and Kellerman's all, "No need! I'm giving CPR! You know, 15 chest compressions, two breaths, one suffocation!" The guy persists, "The engine's smoking pretty bad. It looks like it could go up at any second." Kellerman rolls his eyes, as if to say, What does it TAKE? Would it be so much to ask the universe to just let me murder this man IN PEACE? He finally gets up and stalks off, telling the guy, "I think we're okay." We see him go for the gun tucked into the back of his jeans. Kellerman's clearly planning on circling behind the guy and shooting him in the back, but the guy has other plans. They include whirling around and whacking Kellerman upside the head with something big and metallic. This is the second major injury he's had in a week, yes? As much as it galls me to say this, maybe Brinker was on to something.

The mystery man -- wearing a baseball cap, still regarded fuzzily by the beat-up Linc -- drags the convict away.

We then zip to the prison. The rap music of impending racial violence plays, but it's just Prison Break messing with us, because we're only got Sucre bopping out of the SHU and into the open arms of Team Escarpara. Well, most of Team Escarpara. As Michael and Sucre are hugging, T-Bag snipes, "Y'all can sign each other's yearbooks later." Someone is in a hurry to get to the spring cotillion before they announce the king. Michael announces that the map is complete and he's got what he needs: "I know which pipes we need to take beneath the psych ward now, which means our way to the infirmary is clear. With our new route, we're going to come up on the far end of that building, which means we've got to walk down 30 feet of hallway to get to the doctor's office -- our exit point. Which means there's only one piece left to this whole thing: the key to that room." C-Note assures him they can get someone to run a bump-and-grab and make a copy of the keys. And then -- since this is Team Escarpara -- they can invite the guy to join them. The more the merrier!

The conversation's interrupted by the arrival of a bus full of new fish. While C-Note and T-Bag carp about how they don't want any more surprises, Westmoreland announces the arrival of one right now with a fervent, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" The object of his awe? A freshly-shorn Abruzzi. It's hard to say what startles most of the members of Team Escarpara more: that he's among the living, or that he's not traveling in a bubble of his own sebum. The camera pulls in tight on T-Bag, who has skipped being surprised about Abruzzi's new hybrid bowl/buzz cut and moved straight toward shock that the man he tried to kill is still alive.

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