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Previously on Prison Break: Michael and Linc were orphaned, only for real this time; Dr. Sara had a pressing engagement with Kellerman; Bellick got framed for the one crime he didn't commit; Sucre was leaving on a jet plane, and we don't know when he'll be back again. (Oh, babe, we hate to see you go.) And right after Michael puts Sucre on that plane, he decides to throw over his carefully-crafted exit strategy for an improvisational crack at taking down the One World Conspiracy. And then Mahone T-bones the Scofield/Burrowsmobile.

We pick up the episode exactly where we left it off: Mahone with a gun trained on Michael and Linc, the escapees looking considerably the worse for wear. Were I Linc, this would be right about the time I developed a strong aversion to automobiles. People are always hitting the car he's in -- when they're not hitting him with cars. I'm just saying: don't be surprised if we see a lot of bicycle-based chase scenes in season three.

Anyway... Michael has finally raised Dr. Sara on his mobile phone, but the mobile is a few feet away on the pavement and it's evident Mahone will shoot him if he grabs it. Dr. Sara keeps saying, "Hello?" and Mahone says, "You almost made it." He stops to listen to Dr. Sara, and gestures at Michael with the gun, ordering him to get up. It's telling that Mahone's unwilling to kill a man when he's down on his knees. Michael stands and Linc lurches over to stand next to him. Mahone orders, "Turn around." When the guys don't, he shouts, "Turn around!" Michael says loftily, "If you're going to murder us, Alex, you're going to have to look us in the eyes while you do it." Mahone scoffs impatiently and says, "Shut up." Ha!

Linc shouts desperately, "You want me, you got me! Let my brother go." Mahone sets him straight, saying matter-of-factly, "I don't want either one of you." Then he totally snaps, adding at the top of his lungs, "I just want my life back!" Michael presses, "You're going to kill two innocent men to get it?" That's pretty rich coming from the guy who bent a priest's ear for the better part of an afternoon a few episodes back. Anyway, Mahone lets them know he really has no problem gunning down two strangers if it means getting his life back. Unfortunately, right before he can, the U.S. border patrol shows up and wins their subsequent territorial dispute with fellow law enforcer Mahone. However, Mahone takes some satisfaction in seeing that Michael is really bummed about being taken into custody. Ah, sweet schadenfreude.

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