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Denise -- dead!

Michael and Linc each notice the keys, then look at each other. Outside, Mahone urges them in a whisper, "Come on... " Inside, Michael says, "Let's say we get the cuffs off. Where do we go?' Linc notices a doorway on the side of the tunnel, immediately to his right. Michael says. "That's too easy." Mahone continues to urge, "Come on, Michael. Take it." Michael looks at the door to his left. Mahone looks like he's on the verge of walking over to the van, slamming the keys into Michael's palm, and screaming, "Escape already!" There are some quick-cut shots of the big rig, Mahone, the keys on the seat, Michael and Linc. Every time we cut back to Mahone, he's urging, "Take them! Take them and run!" We close up on Michael and Linc giving each other long, uncertain looks ...

And then we would, in theory, be going to commercials were it not for the fact that I'm recapping this via iTunes Music Store download. And y'all, holy cow, that place is like crack in digital downloadable form.

When we get back, Michael is telling Linc, "Let's think about this a moment." Linc is like, "You go on without me, egghead." Michael reasons, "The keys are left on the seat. The door is accidentally left open --" "It's our only shot," Linc says. Michael turns to look at him and asks, "Have you learned nothing from your time as a One World Conspiracy pawn?" Oh, not really. Using small words, he explains to Lincoln that there is an extremely strong possibility that this might be a set-up.

Kellerman and his guns are checking in with Mahone. The FBI agent's like, "I am not kidding when I tell you these guys aren't moving." Kellerman tells him, "They haven't moved in five minutes, release the semi, tell them it's fixed." "And do what?" Mahone asks. Kellerman, who is sitting on a fence with a big freakin' gun slung over his shoulder, looking like the unholy offspring of J. Crew and Guns And Ammo, locks and loads the weapon as he blithely replies, "You want the rabbit to hop, you move the carrot out."

Back in Kansas, T-Bag checks the pocket watch he also liberated from Corporal Bigot, then strolls over to the post office to pick up Denise. She is delighted to see him: "You showed!" "A gentleman always does!" he replies. Before they can go out to dinner, however, T-Bag asks "one teensy, tiny thing," namely, to look up a forwarding address. As she prints it out, Denise frets, "I really shouldn't be doing this." T-Bag reminds her, "We really shouldn't have been doing any of things we were doing this afternoon, but neither of us have been smited down yet." No, but I need someone to smite me, because my natural curiosity led me to wonder, "Exactly what sort of novel activities were they getting up to?" and the resulting mental pictures... oh, please, something smite me now. Anyway, now that T-Bag has Susan's forwarding address, it's time to break up with Denise.

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Prison Break




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