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Denise -- dead!

She is wrong. T-Bag grins, "Hello, Mrs. Hollander. They say a good woman is hard to find." Susan is too stunned to slam the door shut. She watches T-Bag advance on her as he says, "If that's true, you must be very, very, very good." As he closes the door, T-Bag tells the gaping woman, "Don't be frightened. Teddy's home."

Meanwhile, there is more pursuit, but we've already established my feelings on that. The upshot is that Mahone whips out his mobile and tells Kellerman, "They're improvising, heading toward the surface." Kellerman rolls his eyes and abandons his giant weapon. (I wonder if he names his guns. And I wonder if the big one is named Caroline?) Heading down to the labyrinth under Albuquerque, he pulls out his handgun.

Michael takes a moment to stop the running and ask Linc, "If we get separated and something happens to one of us, if one of us doesn't make it, promise me you'll find Sara." If something happens to "one of us," Linc is supposed to find Dr. Sara? Nice avoidance rhetoric there, Michael. Linc says they'll make it. Michael stubbornly extracts the promise, then they're off to the races again.

Speaking of the good doctor, remember that suicide fake-out scene? Well, yeah. Fake-out scene. We get the neck-down shot of Dr. Sara walking down the street. She stops at a trash can, pulls out her mobile -- hers, I think, not the burners she bought with Michael -- and tosses it in the trash. Then she pulls out one wallet, extracts the cash and tosses it. From the depths of the couch, the husband says, "Look, honey, Dr. Sara is finally decluttering her purse. Are you happy now?" And yes, I am. Dr. Sara declutters further by pulling out her own wallet. She falters over her Fox River ID badge -- her last link to her life as a doctor -- then tosses the whole shebang. That done, we get to pan up, where we see that Dr. Sara's given herself a new, shaggy, long bob. Frankly, it looks great on her. Between this and the purse decluttering, she ought to be feeling sassy, so really -- turn that frown upside-down and get a move on.

More running, more chasing, Michael and Linc are finally near some stairs and are about to head up them when Kellerman comes down, waving a pistol around. The guys decide the stairs are not such a hot idea after all. Mahone catches up to them, and now the brothers are covered both coming and going.

Kellerman is actually smiling during all of this. Everyone else is looking around at each other, tense and angry, and then the smiling Kellerman takes aim, shoots... and hits Mahone! Mahone! We see him roll his eyes, and as he falls to the ground, his expression is not even surprised; it's resigned.

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Prison Break




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