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Denise -- dead!

After Linc and Michael take a second to absorb that little shocker, Kellerman steps up and says, "President Reynolds ruined your lives? She ruined my life. You want to take the bitch down? You've got your inside man, but it's got to be right now." And OH MY GOD, he has never been more insanely charismatic than right at that moment when he was all, "Hi! I'm a trigger-happy barracuda! Wanna hang out?" I mean, I am not happy with him for shooting Mahone, but I am so taken with this even-more-magnificent bastard that I'm all, "But he didn't shoot him in the head! He shot to wound! Not to kill! The shooting was only to get the brothers' trust; it wasn't personal!" Clearly, this is unwell thinking.

Michael is still gaping at the sudden developments. Kellerman shouts at them to move already and Linc -- whose popped-out eyes suggest he may actually remember Kellerman from their brief, breathless encounter -- recovers enough to keep running. Michael pauses, looks back at Mahone, then runs. At the top of the stairs, he pauses one more time to look at Mahone's sprawled form, then follows Lincoln off into the land of hiatuses.

And that's it for this year. Boy, I cannot wait to see what happens when Kellerman and Michael find Dr. Sara! Boy, I cannot wait to see if Colonel Kurtz will kill Kim as a warning to the others. And I cannot wait to see if Mahone makes it or not.

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Prison Break




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