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Denise -- dead!

Meanwhile, up in the sky, Sucre is asking the pilot whether there's any in-flight beverage service. He then heads back to look for something to drink. On the radio, the pilot's just been hipped to the DEA birds in the sky, and he says, "Uh-oh." Sucre's head shoots up and he asks, "'Uh-oh?' What do you mean, 'uh-oh'?" The pilot tells him: "Border patrol's on our ass." Sucre shrugs, "So how long until we get to Mexico?" The pilot -- who has left the controls and is scrabbling for a parachute -- is all, "Oh, that's flight's been cancelled due to technical difficulties." Sucre protests, "I thought they couldn't follow us once we crossed the border!" but the pilot assures him that all the rules have changed owing to 9/11. As the DEA jet closes in, Sucre asks the pilot, "What are we going to do?" The pilot hands him a grubby olive-colored knapsack and tells him, "Pull the cord. And pray." Sucre screams in reply, "Oh, hell, no!" The pilot lays it out for him: Sucre can take his changes in learning how to fly and landing the plane in one piece, or he can take his chances in jumping out of a plane and hoping his parachute deploys in time. "Oh, you're going to land. It's just a matter of how hard," the pilot tells him. Then the pilot jumps. Sucre, alone in the plane casts a panicky glance around. We then get a quick-cut sequence of him strapping on the chute, taking a quick belt of whiskey, crossing himself, and pushing out of the plane. Our last shot of him shows a dark figure hurtling downward.

Meanwhile, Fox "News" is providing exposition to Agent Kim. The news that Linc and Michael were apprehended at the border prompts a light sweat on Kim's forehead. By the time the sentence "Federal Agent Alex Mahone, with assistance from Border Patrol, took the men into custody ... " begins reeling out, he is quaking with pique.

Cut to Kellerman in a car, working the Burrows look with the unshaven face and unbuttoned shirt. He's listening to Fox "news" on the radio and smiling slightly as he slices and eats an apple.

We then transition to Fox River, where the guards are gathered around to listen to the report. Apparently, Michael and Linc have only been on the lam for ten days. It only feels like it's been sixteen weeks.

Cut to the FBI HQ in Chicago. As the newscaster announces that the Fox River Eight are down to four escapees, the office begins clapping.

Agent Kim is still listening to the report, but his expression indicates that his thoughts are somewhere else. A door opens and Kim looks over; a young be-suited goon tells him, "Sir? He just heard. And he'd like to see you." We cut to Kim; his face is frozen with dread. It's a good look on him.

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Prison Break




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