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Denise -- dead!

And now, the border patrol transit team is here. There are roughly a dozen vehicles in the convoy, rocking through the night. Inside, Mahone flashes his badge and asserts, "These are my prisoners and I will be personally escorting them." The guard's not having it: "The only people allowed in the car are the driver and two people certified in prisoner transport." Mahone flashes a look at Michael, who gives him the Blue Steel in return. Mahone says, "I can't believe you're going to make me go over your head." The guard shoots back, "I'll even dial the phone for you." Between him and his colleague who dealt with Michael earlier, I am beginning to think that this border facility may be the wittiest federal law enforcement outpost in America. I smell a spin-off! Long story short: Mahone is not able to talk his way on to the transportation vehicle.

Back in D.C., Agent Kim is watching Fox "News" and seething. I suspect it's not because he has strong objections to the way they do business. Nope -- it's because there's coverage of the guys going out to the van. When Kim's phone rings, he picks it up and snaps, "There better be a damn good reason why those brothers are still alive." "Bad day, Bill?" Kellerman carols on the other end. He is looking even more scruffy and, disturbingly, it is a look that works on him. Kim snarls, "Sorry, I thought it was someone who still existed. How's the jerky business, Owen?" HA! I love it. Kellerman replies, "It's looking pretty good right now." Kim snots, "You call this number again, you're a dead man." Kellerman merrily replies, "If you don't kill Burrows and Scofield today, so are you." As he tells Kim that he's got a way to save Kim's ass, Colonel Kurtz in the corner over there hands Kim a piece of paper with the word SPEAKER written on it in block letters. Kim pops the mobile into the speakerphone cradle and tells Kellerman he's too late.

"Actually, the transport van is right where you want them," Kellerman replies, all business now. Kim can't grasp why it might be easier to kill two people in one enclosed vehicle, so Kellerman lays it out for him using small words: "You want help? I want my job back." He wants only Caroline to be the boss of him. Kim's not having it, and as he gets ready to click off, Kellerman points out, "You think Burrows and Scofield are a threat to this administration, I know everything Caroline Reynolds has ever done. Everything. Before you panic: all I am asking is to be allowed to finish the job that I started. To prove to the president -- and to you -- that I am still an asset to this administration."

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Prison Break




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