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Denise -- dead!

Meanwhile, inside the van, Linc is asking Michael if he has any regrets. Michael does not seize this moment to crack the tension with his best Edith Piaf impersonation. Instead, he merely replies, "You'd have done the same thing for me." There is a tiny, awkward silence before Linc finally says, " ... You think?" Heh. Anyway, Michael answers that he doesn't regret what he did, just how it turned out.

Then, because that's something of a conversational downer, the guys decide they'd like to check out the scenery for a while. Linc escapes to the world of flashbacks, wherein we discover that one of the reasons Michael kept moving from foster home to foster home was because Linc's delinquent behavior kept getting them booted. He returns to the here and now to moodily note, "It seems like I've been getting you in trouble my whole life." Michael counters, "You pulled me out of some too." Because that was an uncomfortable emotional moment for everyone, both of them decide to look somewhere else -- and happen to notice the padlock that is supposed to fasten their shackles to the floor of the van is wide open. Michael looks around as if to convey, What sort of conspiracy-based hijinks can we expect now?

Mahone's phone rings again. This time, it's Kellerman. He tells Mahone, "Me jumping in at this point... it in no way reflects my feelings about the job you've been doing. I just wanted you to know that." Mahone is kneading his temples in the universal language of exasperation, but he still manages to lie, "Of course. As long as we get the job done." Kellerman continues prepping his arsenal as he replies lightly, "We all get to go back to our families, right?" Mahone replies, "The sooner, the better. So what do I need to know?"

Meanwhile, Dr. Sara learns that Michael and Lincoln have been apprehended, are in custody, and are on a road-trip back to the beautiful Midwest. I bet she regrets leaving that voicemail message now. She certainly looks like she does.

The convoy has finally rocked on through to Albuquerque, New Mexico. They're speeding through a tunnel... only to be stopped by a construction crew. All the vehicles stop. Mahone climbs out of his and gives the convicts a meaningful look before heading over to see what's going on. A bunch of cops mill around, Mahone establishes that they'll be there a good long while, then he turns back to walk toward the van. There's a really, really cool shot of him walking back; he's backlit by the light at the end of the tunnel and his face is locked down into a detached sort of resolve. Inside the van, Linc asks what's going on, and one of the guards replies, "Are you in a hurry, convict?" Wow, what are the odds of every law enforcement professional being quippy today? Then another cop gets the guards out -- "Gimme some help getting this rig out of the road?" -- and the boys are left alone in the van. And oh, looky! Someone has left the keys on the seat.

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Prison Break




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