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Let Four Escaped Cons Bear Bellick …

We open at Team Scylla HQ. Everyone's sitting around the table, silently grieving. Or, in Sucre's case, flashing back to two episodes ago when Bellick so presciently requested that Sucre call Ma Bellick if anything should happen to her boy. So Sucre speaks up to ask Don Self where Bellick's body is. Amazingly, it was A) retrieved, B) without anyone tipping off the press as to the corpse circulating through the city's water supply, and C) promptly stashed away in a secret place, presumably next to the thousands upon thousands of Swiss Army knives that the TSA confiscates at airport security gates, and directly below the Ark of the Covenant.

The prospect of Bellick's mortal remains moldering next to the Swiss Army knives and the Ark of the Covenant sets everyone off. Mahone tartly reminds Don Self that he had promised they'd be returned to next-of-kin (why he's adamant about this, I don't know. Does he think Pam wants matching father-son urns on her mantel?) and Don Self replies that no, what he promised is that their remains would be given a decent funeral. He then gets huffy over how hard his job is right now, and then the job gets much harder because now he has to do it with the irate Sucre's hands wrapped around his throat. Mahone breaks it up, and Sucre gives vent to his full feelings at the top of his lungs, in Spanish. When Sucre calms down a little, he manages to remember his English and he says, "[Bellick's] got a mother, you know." Mahone is still blocking Don Self and Sucre from each other, and he says, "If you want Scylla -- and I assume you still do -- Brad Bellick's body goes home to his mother." Don Self finally promises to take care of the body. Then he adds, "You guys need to get out of mourning. We need to get back to work. And Fernando, my friend, let me tell you something. If you ever put your hands on me again, I promise you, there's going to be two bodies in the fridge." Michael finally cuts off the bluster by saying that he needs to see the missing pages Gretchen still has. And that is how he and Don Self end up driving to some parking garage.

Gretchen comes sashaying over with, "I heard you were dead." Michael wants to know who told her that, and she deadpans, "A little bird" as she hands over the missing bird book pages. Then she breaks the news that the One World Conspiracy will be moving Scylla to a bunker in Pennsylvania the very next day. Michael comments, "For an ex-employee, you sure seem to know about current [One World Conspiracy] business." Gretchen smoothly lies, "Don't get paranoid. I'm keeping one ear to the ground for your benefit, which is a really good reason to work with me, not against me." She does not add, "And I'm keeping the other ear pressed to the withered, Vicks-smelling chest of General Von Baldy." And for that I'm grateful -- nobody needs to see that ickiness.

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Prison Break




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