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T-Bag's wrapping up another exhausting day of white-collar fraud when White comes in and complements "Cole" on his sales-fu at the meeting, adding how admirable it is that T-Bag volunteered with a bunch of criminals. "We're all the same, really," T-Bag says, with surprising humility and dignity. (Oh, Robert Knepper, some day you will get a role worthy of your talent.) Anyway, White hands over the folder with Trisha's application and takes off. T-Bag scans Trisha's application and immediately calls her presumed prior employer. The number goes straight to Don Self, who answers with "Hello?" and we cut to T-Bag on the other end, his features illuminated by the giant light bulb that just went off over his head. All of you who had bet on Trisha adding to the season four body count can start thinking ahead to how you'd like to spend your winnings.

We then transition to Dr. Sara on the phone. She's not enjoying the conversation. Michael's oblivious, because he's holding a briefing with the remainder of Team Scylla. He explains, "As we all learned the hard way, there's an electric alarm around the perimeter of the foundation. Unfortunately, that is Scylla's most primitive line of defense. The wall itself is fortified with steel fiber. The good news is, on the inside, there are no cameras. The [One World Conspiracy] doesn't want any visual evidence that Scylla exists. The bad news is that there are both weight and microphonic sensors ... that will alert [One World Conspiracy] security to the presence of any living, breathing human being that weighs more than two pounds. Um, as far as I can tell ..." We cut to Dr. Sara briskly wiping tears away, then move back to Michael, who is saying, "The first challenge is getting around that wall, and then we can worry about crossing the floor." "Without touching it?" Sucre asks. Yes. "In silence?" Mahone helpfully clarifies. Yes. Fortunately for Team Scylla, there's quite a body count associated with all the members from the prior three seasons, so perhaps the next move will be to conduct a séance, channel the spirits of, say, Aldo Burrows and Paul Kellerman, then have them hit the One World Conspiracy with a little poltergeist action. The conspiracy stooges don't seem like the type to keep mediums on tap.

Anyhoodle, Michael assures them he's already working on it, but he gets distracted by Dr. Sara looking all distraught on the stairs. And that tells him everything he needs to know about his medical prognosis. Michael turns back to the table and assures everyone, "Brad didn't die in vain. We can make this work." Then Michael goes to get the bad news from Dr. Sara. She tells him, "You have a hypothalamus hamartoma. It's really rare. You were probably born with it. Um. Things have changed. It's been growing, which is probably why you've been experiencing your symptoms. And the doctor feels that you need surgery." Michael looks back at the table and, in keeping with the fine traditions of this show, decides it's not worth sharing mission-critical information that could come in handy later. "Two days -- that's what I need," he says. Dr. Sara corrects him: "Tomorrow. Otherwise, you could die and there's no alternative." The episode ends with a close-up on Michael's face as his big brain scrambles to come up with a timeline that can accommodate both the Scylla break-in and his delicate brain surgery. I look forward to seeing how he does it; it'll be a template for the next generation of GTD disciples.

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