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Let Four Escaped Cons Bear Bellick …

We cut to General Von Baldy watching people in bunny suits working in a clean room while Lisa fills him in on all the details in the tone of voice people usually employ when elaborating on what kind of underwear they've put on (or taken off) in anticipation of a hot date. General Von Baldy muses, "Perhaps we should call in David Baker, just to be safe." Lisa hastily says, "That won't be necessary. We can do this all in-house, and Scylla will be gone by morning." The general gives her a significant look as the soundtrack blares ominously.

Back at Team Scylla HQ, Sucre dolefully notes that he's got to call Ma Bellick. Linc volunteers to take over the chore, but Sucre declines the offer. Mahone is going through the surprising amount of stuff Bellick amassed during his brief tenure as a Team Scylla member. Seriously -- he'd been back from Sona for what -- a day? -- before being apprehended again. When did Bellick have the time to amass a whole giant duffel bag's worth of stuff? Did he use Roland's computer to hit LL Bean when the team wasn't pulling off capers? Mahone notes with mild surprise, "He kept a badge from the police benefit." Sucre shares, "When he was a CO at Fox River, he failed the test to get into the academy five times." Mahone tucks away the badge in his pocket for later.

Then everyone's downstairs, because Michael's taken the formerly missing pages of the bird book and assembled a full map of the basement where Scylla is being kept. He frowns that the map's too simple -- there's something there he's not seeing. "The symbols, they don't make any sense. And the letters ... there's just something wrong," Michael says. He seizes on three of the letters -- C, M and E. After repeating them a few times, Michael realizes the message is "See me." Dr. Sara scans the map and notes, "These letters don't make any sense if you think of them as symbols, but they do if you think of them literally." "Apparently, the symbols in the map spell D-O-U-C-M-E, or "Do you see me?" Then Michael writes out the other symbols he has on the map -- B, A, K, E, R, D, A, V, 1, D. Hello, David Baker. Sucre, bless him, asks who besides Michael and Mahone would even think of something like that: "I mean, what's the point?" Michael doesn't know -- but he figures it's probably a good idea to find David Baker and ask. Oh, that poor weird genius has no idea what's about to hit him.

Over at GATE, Trisha is bringing T-Bag his coffee just the way he likes it -- one sugar, two creams -- and I am sort of amazed that he doesn't think to check it for poison. (Also, I'm amazed that people still have to bring coffee for random higher-ups in the office. It's so quaint! Like typing pools and people who think it's okay to sexually harass their underlings.) T-Bag has been repairing a watch, but he stops to check out the dossier on Gretchen that Trisha's fingerprints yielded. We learn that Gretchen Louise Morgan was born at the end of March in 1977 (she's an Aries, like Hitler!), has a sister living in Riverside, her dad's deceased, she's an Iraq war veteran and an award-winning equestrienne. I pray we get an episode where Gretchen's riding to someone's rescue. Trisha -- whose neckline has crept even higher in this episode, leading me to wonder why crime seems to have brought on a case of the modesty -- notes that there's nothing overtly linking Gretchen to the Chinese mob. T-Bag asks, "No mention of any of our friends?" Trisha says, "No. I checked -- no Scofield, no Burrows, no Whistler." At that last name, T-Bag's head comes up and he asks, "Whistler? How do you know that name?" Trisha bluffs, "James Whistler? I heard Scofield mention him one day." T-Bag quizzes her: what day? In what context? Trisha claims she doesn't remember, then asks, in seeming innocence, "What's the big deal? Who is he?" T-Bag, who is thoroughly spooked, replies, "Nobody."

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Prison Break




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