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Let Four Escaped Cons Bear Bellick …

Back at Team Scylla HQ, Dr. Sara's found the David Baker they're looking for -- he's apparently a do-gooder who now designs low-income housing -- and she heads off to print out a map to David and Elaine Baker's house. Don Self begins hectoring the team about getting the sixth card ("Really?" Linc replies, in total deadpan) and Michael is talking about what further obstacles await in the basement. He makes work assignments -- he and Dr. Sara will handle Baker while everyone else gets to the basement to see what fresh hell -- I mean, surprise -- awaits. But before anyone can get anywhere, Michael collapses.

When he comes to, Dr. Sara's like, "Hospital. Now." When Don Self tells her not to freak out, Dr. Sara snaps, "This is my decision and not yours. We're going to the hospital." Don Self reasonably requests to know why his criminal fugitive planning genius needs medical attention, but nobody bothers to fill him in. Mahone assures Michael he'll handle the David Baker errand. Dang, Mahone -- you kill one psychopathic hitman and it does wonders for your peace of mind. Seriously -- no more twitchy behavior, haunted looks, or agonized monologues. Mahone's killed a man and it's soothed all his demons and apparently eliminated his many narcotic addictions. Let us hope that other rehab programs do not seize on the homicide-as-healing course of detox.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is nervous enough about Trisha to start nosing around as to her employment history at GATE. It turns out she only preceded T-Bag by a week, and he asks White for Trisha's application. White's like, "No problem! Confidentiality, schmonfidentiality! Also, today around noon, we need you to wow our new franchisees from Idaho. Give us some of that Cole Pfeiffer magic." T-Bag pales beneath his bronzer, then heads off to panic until noon. Unfortunately, he can't even cross that off his list because Gretchen has just waylaid him.

Once they're inside the office, Gretchen tells him, "I didn't want you to be the last to know: Scylla is moving." She explains why this isn't cause for panic: "Have you ever heard of noodling?" "I don't believe so," T-Bag says. Gretchen asks dryly, "Well, then, what kind of hillbilly are you, really? I'll explain it to you." T-Bag actually smiles at that as Gretchen launches into her speech: "Noodling is when a foolhardy bastard swims to the bottom of a muddy river bed, and he sticks his hand down into the deepest, darkest hole. He's looking for a prize catfish. Now, sometimes, the catfish does live there. And the noodler pulls it out with his bare hand, and drags it ashore. But sometimes, he reaches in that hole, and he finds a snapping turtle. It bites his hand clean off." We cut to T-Bag wincing and fondling his prosthetic. He concludes that Scofield is being set up as Gretchen's noodler. She continues, "If he reaches into the [One World Conspiracy] hole and he finds Scylla, we take it, and sell Scylla to [the stabby guy] Fang. If he gets a turtle? Well ... [smacks T-Bag's prosthetic] Not our hand."

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