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Let Four Escaped Cons Bear Bellick …

Their little moment is interrupted as Trisha announces the arrival of "the contractors," i.e. Linc and Sucre. Linc isn't too pleased to see Gretchen, but T-Bag tells him to keep it down. So Linc takes that as his cue to shout, "We need some help." I love contrary Linc. T-Bag snaps that he's providing his services white-collar style, then asks, "Where's Pretty and the fat man?" Sucre replies, "Bellick's dead." T-Bag looks startled to hear this, but Sucre warns him against making any jokes about the dead. Then this may be the one time I'm relieved that Sucre's entirely fictional because honestly, this moping about over Bellick has me baffled. Does nobody seem to remember how he spent nearly every episode leading up to the one in which he died? The man was a craven, corrupt, cat-murdering loser for much of the series run. That Sucre's not cackling over this being karmic payback for Bellick's little "I kidnapped and buried your girlfriend" stunt is baffling to me. That T-Bag is busy looking distraught over this -- instead of being relieved that the guy who tied him to a chair and tortured him -- is baffling to me. I get that everyone's going to miss Wade Williams, but missing the actor and missing the cowardly little greedhead he played are two completely different things.

And now, this week's plotline that can be summed up in one paragraph. And it centers on our protagonist, Michael. Dr. Sara explains that her "husband" is having these headaches and fits, and as an internist, she's terribly concerned. The admitting doctor's all, "Does he have insurance?" and even when Dr. Sara can't answer directly, she's all, "That's okay -- just fill this out and we'll immediately tend to you with a vast number of expensive tests." Then "Kevin Freeling" tells the admitting attendant that yes, his mother suffered from epilepsy, [something I didn't catch] and neurological disorders, and we go to Dr. Sara, having a mild freakout. When they're waiting for Michael to have an MRI, Dr. Sara flashes back to that excruciatingly awkward moment when Bellick asked her out at their 12-step meeting, then comments, "I never thought the guys would be so sad for Brad Bellick." You and me both, sister. Michael mentions that a lot of things have changed since Fox River, and Dr. Sara gives him a look like Oh? Is there something you're trying to say here? She says, "You know you can't control this, right?" and Michael smiles as he says, "That's funny, I was just about to tell you the same thing." Dr. Sara pats his shoulder as she reassures him that they can handle nearly anything, so long as they know what they're up against. Michael asks, "What if I don't want to know?" Well, too bad -- the doctors are all going to tell you anyway. But first, Dr. Sara admits that "I needed to have access to your test results, so I told the triage nurse that I was your wife." NOT THAT I'M HINTING FOR A RING seems to be the subtext here. Michael is not at all upset about that. And really, it's a silly detail, given that their level of commitment to one another has included things like going on the lam and/or taking the murder rap for one another. Marriage is a cakewalk after all that. Then a Dr. Malden comes by to ask that Michael be checked in for the night, so they can keep him under observation. But Michael's all, "Oh, I don't think so," on account of him being a wanted man and all. And when the cops show up -- for something completely unrelated -- it spooks him and Dr. Sara enough to where they decide to leave. Dr. Malden pleads with them to stay, saying, "I'm not stupid. I know who you are. I'm not going to turn you in. My concern is for what's going on with your health." Michael thanks him, but he figures Dr. Malden can call Dr. Sara later with the news.

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