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Let Four Escaped Cons Bear Bellick …

Mahone is still listening to David Baker's self-justifying blather when he gets a call from Linc. Because reception in the house is so bad, Mahone steps outside, just in time to notice the suited conspiracy goons securing the house's perimeter. He hangs up on Linc, then tells David Baker to try and hide. Baker is shocked -- shocked! -- that the conspiracy goons actually came for him. Mahone is considerably less so. Baker says derisively, "You think you can stop them? I know all about you. I've known for six months, ever since someone stole those plans from the [One World Conspiracy]. It will never work. You won't get past the first wall." Mahone asks, "What's going to stop me? The minefield?" David Baker looks torn between arguing with Mahone over the integrity of his design, quizzing him for how he knew about the minefield, and trying to remain in hiding. Anyway, Mahone makes a narrow escape, and the conspiracy stooges bundle David Baker off to disarm Scylla security. As a bonus for the escape: after Mahone's made it down to his car, Elaine zooms by and gives him an alternate, goon-free route back down the hill. She also hands over the legend to the blueprint with, "He won't help you. That will. Now, go." Mahone does not argue.

Sucre's begging Linc to go call Michael again. Gretchen asks, "What, exactly, will Michael know about this? It's not exactly within his realm of expertise." Sucre protests, "I just want to hear his sultry tones one more time before I die." Oh, he does not. Gretchen tells the guys to 'nad up and let her work, pointing out, "I am doing you guys a massive favor here. If that thing blows while I'm working on it, he loses a leg. I lose a face." That proves to be a persuasive argument for the boys, and they let Gretchen attempt to disarm the bomb.

Michael and Mahone don't know that, but they're able to compartmentalize and revisit the blueprints back at Team Scylla HQ. First, they tell us what we already know is there -- a line of JZ-33 landmines buried 80 mm underground, 70 feet from the outer wall -- and then move to what we don't. "It says 'manual override only. All conventional attempts to deactivate the mines will arm the Scylla alarms.' This isn't just a landmine. This is an alarm." Cut to Mahone looking alarmed.

Then we're back to Gretchen, who's about to go setting off the Scylla alarms with her deft defusing skills. Mahone runs in to save the day, shouting, "Stop! Stop! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! You can't dismantle the landmine without setting off the alarm." Sucre quavers, "So I either set off the alarm or blow up and die." Mahone finds the manual override, and turns off the power long enough for Sucre to step off. He's got a 20-second window, but Sucre is frozen in place and panicking. Mahone finally loses patience and yells, "Nobody's going to die today! Step off!" Sucre looks to Linc; he quietly orders Sucre to step off. He does, finally, and -- nothing happens. Everyone relaxes in relief, then stops to look at the wall. We get a shot of what lays behind it -- a black column on a glass stand, looking like a collaboration between Stanley Kubrick and Jonathan Ives.

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Prison Break




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