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Oh, the twists and turns life can sometimes take. When last we left Michael Scofield, he had just been whisked off to a cabin 60 miles outside of Los Angeles, where he was making a surprisingly swift recovery after brain surgery. Well, wouldn't you know it -- your regular recapper Sobell is recovering from some brain surgery of her own, only she's not as quick a healer as the resilient Mr. Scofield. (Prison Break has inaccurate portrayals of major surgical procedures? Unacceptable!) She's doing fine, but capturing the finer details of Prison Break playing out the string is beyond her ken right now, so I'm filling in for this one episode, anyhow. Too bad I stopped paying close attention to this show about the time the gang got thrown into that prison in Panama -- a plot development I liked better when it was called "Season One." Ah well, I'm sure I'll be able to pick it up quickly -- this ain't brain surgery.

You know, if my life starts to mirror the shows I recap, does that mean I'm going to be unceremoniously canceled soon? I hope to hell I can wrap things up less stupidly than Life on Mars...

Anyhow, to business: Team Scylla is still in Miami, but they've apparently managed to get their mail forwarded to them -- there's a bunch of manila envelopes addressed to Linc, Mahone, T-Bag and Don Self. Judging by Mahone's angry reaction to the contents of his envelope, it's not a congratulatory letter from the Publisher's Clearing House people. It's pictures of everyone's family -- T-Bag's sainted mother, the Mahone clan, LJ, and, in Don Self's case, some lady we've never seen before. (If this is the lovely Mrs. Self, ol' Don has clearly married above his station.) A quick call to General Von Baldy confirms what you've probably already figured out -- the photos are intended to motivate our motley crew to step up their Scylla retrieval efforts. This is what you're fighting for, boys! Because if you fail, we'll kill them! Interestingly, I believe Wal-Mart uses this technique for its mid-level executives.

Linc brings General Von Baldy up to date on the action thus far, just in case he hasn't been paying attention since... oh, let's say December. Team Scylla arrived in Miami, killed the guy who was trying to buy Scylla, and lifted a couple of keys off his still-warm corpse. That get everyone up to speed? Not quite, according to the General: There's a new competitor trying to get his mitts on Scylla, and he answers to the name of... Michael Scofield. That can't be, Linc protests, because Michael is in the company's care, getting treatment for his brain thingy. Yes, well, apparently Michael's healing powers are greater than the General, the Company, and the whole of medical science possibly realized -- he's wandering around central Arizona right now with the company on his tail. "If you speak to Michael," General Von Baldy hisses, "tell him to find a very good hiding place. Because if any of my men spot him, they've been given a green light." Seems counter-productive to the life-saving medical procedure you just had performed on him, but hey... You're the general, dude.

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Prison Break




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