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Linc gets his kicks on Rt. 66
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The episode begins with Michael giving Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood a free show, what with standing in the window of his old apartment without his shirt on. The congregation of the First Church of Wentworth Miller has a religious experience; I have a feeling the date of this scene will be celebrated as a Church holiday starting in Anno Prison Break 2006. We get a shot of the tattoo and see that the central picture on the back is of what I presume is the archangel Michael carrying out his traditional role as Satan's adversary and judger of innocent souls.

The camera zooms in on Michael's tattoo as he narrates, "Seventeen days from now, they're going to strap my brother to the electric chair, send 15,000 volts coursing through his body for a crime he didn't commit. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen." Then the CGI kicks in so we can see that so far as Michael's concerned, real religious iconography eschews angels and demons for angles and dimensions.

We transition to the clammy corridors of Fox River as Michael continues with the voice-over: "I've been in Fox River for three weeks now. In that time, I've managed to get out of the back of my cell and into the drainpipes that run beneath the prison." And hey! So has Marilyn. Hello, kitty. We see Marilyn continuing to explore and Michael explains, "Those pipes are our way out."

Up the camera swoops to the prison yard, and we see that Team Escarpara is having a meeting on the bleachers. Michael keeps jawjacking: "Think of this place as a map of the U.S." Sucre's got a look like, I was told there would be no geography quizzes in prison? Michael says the Cell de Escarpara is NYC, and the infirmary is California. Sucre realizes that the pipes beneath their feet connecting the two are Route 66. I would have gone with I-80 myself, but there are fewer snappy jingles written about that road. Abruzzi wrings some grease out of his hair and joins the conversation by asking if the boys are planning to "drive" "cross country" at night. Abruzzi points out, "We're locked up, fish, and your boy is in solitary. How are we going to fly out of our cages and right into your cell? Right into New York City?" Michael says that they're not: they're going to meet him in St. Louis. Abruzzi's all, "Dibs on the Tootie Smith part!"

Anyway, Michael continues talking: that building is the only one that sits atop the pipes leading from Cell de Escarpara (NYC, for those of you playing the Metaphor Game at home) to the infirmary (the hospital California. Such a lovely place). The PI crew will get into what Michael think is an old storage room and "dig an on-ramp." Abruzzi gurgles that it won't be that easy to get into the room, and Michael's all, "Make it so, number two. If we don't find a way to get into that room, we're not getting out of here." Sucre looks at Michael all, You know, until you showed up, the most nerve-wracking thing I had going was sharing a shower schedule with T-Bag.

And speaking of the man who said, "I'll take the children's menu" at the big buffet of crime, here he is! And he's correctly guessing that the breakout posse is making plans without him. He's all, "New York, California, St. Louis...what are we discussing?" "Baseball," says Michael. "I understand the playoffs are on FOX this year." T-Bag's all, "Oooh, I love sabremetrics! Can we debate whether Bud Selig is the Antichrist or merely one of his more inept minions? Kick around the vital issue of whether to call Alex Rodriguez 'Pay-Rod' or 'A-Fraud'?" Abruzzi's shuts him down with, "Season's over. Time to talk about the Bears!" Or something to that effect. The upshot is, the boys are using sports as a metaphor now because it's a little less brazen than standing on the miraculously restored prison green and screaming, "I AM TOO ESCAPING WITH YOU!" and "OH, NO, YOU'RE NOT, COTILLION KING!"

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