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The episode begins with a flashback to the Chicago of 2001. We see Linc in the car with his partner in crime, Derek Sweeney. (Longtime fans will remember Derek as the guy who got the brothers passage to Panama back in season two.) In this flashback, we establish that Linc is the driver and Derek is the gunman for some sort of upcoming robbery, and Linc is planning on leaving his life of crime after this job, reasoning "How can I be a good father if I'm always in prison?" Oh, hello, ironic foreshadowing! Don't think I don't see you leaning against the car with your studiously disaffected mien and your "INSERT QUIP HERE" t-shirt!

Anyway, Derek opines that of all of Linc's plans, this one may just be his most lunatic, but what's a little consideration like mental health when there's a limousine to take out? We then see Linc deliberately t-bone the limo. His old 1970s beater fails to explode (thanks, Ralph Nader, for something) and the two men emerge unscathed, which is fortunate because Derek has people to kill and Linc has briefcases to steal. Being all whiplashy would hamper that. The guys take off right with a just-pulled-up friend mere seconds before the cops are on the scene.

And we flash to the present, where Roland is saying incredulously, "This is your plan? You're going to pull a kamikaze mission on the general's car?" "Hey, everyone? Anyone who did not lose Charybdis feel free to weigh in on this. Anyone? Anyone? Well, I guess we've heard from everyone who matters" ... is pretty much how Linc treats that response. Sucre protests that car crashes are occasionally injurious or fatal, and Linc non-replies, "I never said this was going to be easy." No, but you also didn't mention that it was going to involve probable spinal injuries.

Meanwhile, Michael and Don Self are tromping through a church and we see that Michael is finally taking advantage of his miraculous tattoo-removal procedure to wear his shirt sleeves rolled up. He's also untucked his shirt too, but that might be more of a camouflage attempt. (Blue Steel's on his way to becoming Big Steel.) It turns out that Self's brokered a meeting with Gretchen. Shouldn't she have burst into flames upon entering a house of the Lord? Anyway, Gretchen greets Michael with, "First off, Panama was a job." Michael doesn't want to hear it: "Some other time. What do you want with Scylla?" She tells him that's her business. Michael says, "We're not in Panama anymore, and I'm not behind a fence. So, again, what do you want with Scylla?" Gretchen says their goal is the same -- to bring down the One World Conspiracy. Michael figures Gretchen can just hand over the missing bird book pages and scram, but Gretchen points out that she's less likely to be killed if she's not operating solo, so as far as she's concerned, it's team play or nothing at all. Michael angrily huffs at Don Self for being willing to bankroll any work Gretchen's doing, and Don calls him on it by asking Michael to present any ideas he has that don't hinge on that bird book. Guess what? Michael and Gretchen are partners now.

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Prison Break




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