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The Best Laid Plans Of Rats And Men

And now, Bellick. He blocks Veronica and Michael, explaining, "You can't go past here. Once [Lincoln's] escorted to the death chamber, you can go to the viewing room." The stricken Veronica gives Linc an agonizing look, and then manages to ask, in a voice thick with tears, "Can I...?" Bellick doesn't look at her, but he lets her go ahead. Veronica walks over to Linc, her face crumpling as she begins to cry, but she slowly, deliberately embraces him. And when she tells him, "I've loved you since the first time I saw you," she's steady. Her face begins trembling after that, and when she pulls away, she more or less embodies the phrase "she fell apart." Veronica barely manages to walk away.

Pope orders Michael to be uncuffed. He shuffles over; his face is in near-total shadow so that we don't see his expression. When he embraces Linc, they're utterly silent, both faces in shadow. Pope comes over and says, with brusque compassion, "Let's go, son."

Lincoln shuffles off, and as he does, his life flashes before his eyes. It's not at all linear, but one big theme stands out: a lot of scenes where everyone's telling each other to have faith. The last part of the flashback is Lincoln dropping his head as he prays, "Give me the strength to walk out of here a man," and then we're back in the present, where Linc lifts his head as if that prayer has been answered. He marches toward the chamber --

And that's the episode. AIGHH! The tension! Will Linc live or will he die? We'll find out next week.

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