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The Best Laid Plans Of Rats And Men

We zoom back to see LJ watching the TV. In his grief, he has forsaken shampoo.

Meanwhile, back in Fox River, life is going as usual. This is so unlike reality as I know it: as y'all may or may not know, during the show's hiatus we here in California were treated to one death row controversy surrounding Stanley "Tookie" Williams's execution, the execution of Clarence Ray Allen, and then the big brouhaha over whether lethal injection was cruel and unusual punishment, which has led to Michael Morales's temporary stay of execution. And the one thing that got mentioned in all three of these stories is that, in the day preceding an execution, the prison is on total lockdown. So you can see why I am incredulous that the inmates are just shuffling along like it's any other day here.

Michael and Sucre are chillin' like villains in their cell. Sucre wants to cuddle. Well, actually, he only gives Michael a big verbal snuggle by saying that he's not at all mad at Michael for the botched escape attempt. Michael's actually quite touched. He tells Sucre, "There's only one person who can stop this execution."

Ding! It's a shot of Dr. Sara, lit so that she appears suffused with the guileless, beatific glow of a virgin saint. Even Michael seems knocked back by it -- or maybe it's just that he caught sight of his brother waiting in the clinic. Michael's escorted into another room, the better for him and Linc to exchange searing looks. Dr. Sara gazes upon this with an expression that suggests she's about to burst into a stanza of "I Don't Know How To Love Him."

When Dr. Sara walks into Michael's examination room, he bursts out, "I need to see my brother. Just to talk for five minutes." Dr. Sara immediately scampers out to see if she can sweet-talk the guards into that, but it's a no-go. Michael then begs her to talk to her father, and she goes to head him off. Michael plows over her: "Sara -- Dr. Tancredi, I'm sorry, this isn't about the morality of the death penalty. This is about killing an innocent man, my brother, and surely your father can't be in favor of that." Sara is like, "My father is pretty much in favor of whatever I oppose, just on principle. That includes the death penalty, unfortunately."

Commercials. Hey, did y'all know Abruzzi became a metrosexual? Stabbing agrees with him.

When we get back from commercials, we see Nick and Veronica hectoring Nick's little friend from court. We also see that Veronica's recovered from witnessing Hale's murder, courtesy of a little retail therapy. That black coat looks good on her. To make a tedious scene slightly less so, let me sum up: Nick and Veronica want an exhumation order for the VP's body, and Lyle the Effeminate Hetero Lawyer dismisses this as a load of poppycock, but still manages to get them fifteen minutes with a judge in the afternoon.

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