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The Best Laid Plans Of Rats And Men

Back in the prison yard, Sucre is reassuring Michael that Linc knows Michael tried his best: "He's your brother -- he knows you." T-Bag comes over and basically threatens Michael, and Sucre jumps all over him: "Back up, or I'll beat your skinny ass into the ground. And it wouldn't take much to do it, too." Yeah -- especially that none of the Fabulous Gay White Supremacists seem to be around to back him up.

The guards tell everyone to move back inside, and Westmoreland makes his way over to tell Michael how sorry he is about Linc's impending electrocution. Michael also apologizes, saying, "I know you were counting on this." "Let me worry about my problems," says Westmoreland. "I know you got enough on your mind right now." So classy! I may have to begin calling him the Silver Fox, so stylish and compelling is he. Anyway, Westmoreland says, "I've known a few men who sat in that chair. As the day grows near, all you can really do is pray it goes quickly. Once, about ten years ago, there was a man who caught a few sparks -- not enough to do the job. Had to wait another three weeks while they reset the whole process. It may sound crazy, but he said it was the worst three weeks of his life. It's not the lightning that kills you -- it's the weight." The larger philosophical message is lost on Michael, because he's just been hit with his own lightning bolt of inspiration. "So if something happens to the chair, he's got three more weeks," Michael says. Westmoreland points out that there's a lot of protocol involved in killing a man by the book. Tweener pops by and that conversation's over. Westmoreland looks mildly amused by Tweener's presence.

Back in the cell, Michael decides he's going in. Sucre hangs the sheet without even a desultory crack about how the inmates are beginning to whisper things like, "God, that Scofield must be an animal, he and Sucre are behind that sheet so much."

Once Michael's running around the rest of the prison, he uses a near-empty packet of potato chips to catch the world's cutest, cleanest little sewer rat.

We then zoom in on a pair of handcuffed hands twisting nervously; a female hand comes in and soothes them. When we pull back, we see that it's Dr. Sara holding Linc's hand. That's very sweet. She asks if he has any questions, and Linc's like, "Yeah, I do. And they're all very grim." Then he moves on to ask how Michael is, and Sara says, "He's anxious to see you. Unfortunately, we've been told that's not possible until final visitation." Linc asks if she's been through this before. Sara says she hasn't, but because a doctor needs to be present at the execution, she'll be there tonight. Linc asks a favor: "When I'm gone, will you look out for my brother?" For some reason, this makes Sara's eyes bug out. It is unclear whether they're bugging out with empathy, dismay, pity, terror, or lust. Perhaps it's all of the above.

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Prison Break




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