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The Best Laid Plans Of Rats And Men

Then Bellick celebrates by fetching Michael from the cell. He tells Michael, "Your brother's going to be transported to final visitation soon. You can meet him there." Sucre looks at Michael in shock, and Michael sort of gapes. Bellick pounces on this, noting with a sneer, "You look surprised. You knew it was scheduled today." Michael's jaw swings gently in the breeze. Before Michael can reply, the prison lights flicker in confirmation that Ol' Sparky is working once more. Bellick goads him, "You were saying?," but Michael's got the stone face on once again.

As the electricity keeps on going out, Dr. Sara looks up, all troubled.

Stoltz is finishing up the job. It says something about the infinite variety in human opinions that when I watched this scene with Mary-Lynn, she fervently muttered, "Oh, to be a razor right now..." and when I watched it again to recap it, the husband's voice came floating up from the depths of the couch with "The guy who shaves Lincoln's head has the easiest job in the world..."

Commercials. I totally can't wait to see Thank You For Smoking. "The state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese" -- hee! Priceless!

When we get back, it's time for final visitation. When Linc comes in, Michael turns and looks at him with an expression that makes him look all of twelve years old. Linc's trying to maintain an impassive cool, but when the False Pope reminds him that he's got to change into his Death Pajamas -- complete with adult diapers, since God Forbid the state have to clean up the mess they make when killing a man -- and helpfully explains, "At the moment of death, your body becomes incontinent." Lincoln wearily says, "A diaper." "You need to wear it," the False Pope says. Or else what? They'll kill him? Linc gives Michael a look like, "Can you believe this?," and Michael is smiling a little at the absurdity of it all. Linc shuffles over, and Michael razzes him a little about the hair with, "Good look on you." Then they hug, and Michael tearfully tells him, "I did everything I could." Linc reassures him, "I know you did." I love it when these two fall into their sibling dynamic. They break apart, and Linc tells Michael, "Last time I had my head shaved, I was running with Derek. Remember Derek?" Michael sort of does. Linc said, "He bet me forty bucks I wouldn't shave it. I said, 'Make it a hundred.' He still owes me." Linc is a sucker -- our own Sars wouldn't do it for less than $30,000. Michael wants to know if there's any news from Veronica, but Linc is like, "Look, enough with the eleventh-hour nonsense. This whole 'maybe you won't roast' discussion is killing me. Um, you know what I mean."

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Prison Break




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