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The Best Laid Plans Of Rats And Men

Meanwhile, on the outside, Veronica is busy telling LJ that he really can't drop by the execution, what with being a wanted man and all, but her rare display of logic fails to stop him in amazement, much less compel him to listen to reason. The tiff is interrupted as Nick's cell phone rings and, within seconds, we've confirmed that, no, there is no good legal reason why this execution shouldn't go on ahead. And yet Veronica still looks surprised. She'll never get used to losing in court, will she? Well, she should. Anyway, Veronica's off to the prison; Nick and LJ plan to chill at home. There's a knock on the door, and Nick hustles LJ to the back room. Then Nick opens the door, and it's Dr. Sara! She asks, "Are you the attorneys for Lincoln Burrows?" Nick looks too stunned to answer.

In the final visitation, Linc's pancakes are barely eaten, and he's winning a game of gin rummy. Michael's absently humming as he picks up cards, and Linc interrupts him to ask, "You letting me win, Michael?" Michael lies that he's not. The two of them begin bickering, and Michael sounds about ten as he squeakily protests, "I'm not going to show you my cards!" Linc grabs them and we see a two, three, four and five of clubs, a ten of spades, a ten of hearts and a ten of clubs. Michael sheepishly says, "Gin." The talk then turns to pancakes, and Linc says of them, "They're the only decent thing I did for [LJ]." Michael protests, "You were there for him." "Not enough," Linc replies. He adds, "I don't know how I could stomach this stuff before." Speaking of things I have no idea how Linc could stomach before, it's Veronica! There's a long, long, emotional hug and that's when Michael realizes that the appeal was denied. Veronica leans over to tell Michael that Sara came by. He goggles in shock. At long last, a bit of planning that's worked out for him -- all that flirtation over insulin shots worked out! Michael's all, "Is she going to talk to her father?" and Veronica replies, "I sure as hell hope so." Linc, however, has no time for this kind of talk because he has a pity party to host. Veronica tells him that she couldn't bring LJ to attend the sullen soiree. But she offers to raise him on the phone.

Nick passes the phone off to LJ, and Linc cheers things up immediately with, "Ah, this is it." But to his credit, he rallies. Linc tells LJ, "I want you to stick with Veronica and Nick, and clear your name." LJ expresses a fervent wish to be with his father, and Linc shakily replies, "Me too." LJ continues, "'Cause there's something I want to tell you...I had a dream last night. You and me were working on a house, pounding nails, and in the dream, it felt like we were older. It was so clear, the whole dream.. And when I woke, I knew that today wasn't going to be the end -- that we'll see each other again, Dad. I know it. I love you, Dad." When LJ starts this monologue, we're focused on Lincoln's face, and he's about to lose it -- eyes welling, jaw working, expression completely devastated. And then we switch to LJ, who is looking resolute until the moment he has to tell his dad he loves him. And it may just be the tequila from the dinnertime margarita taking effect, but darned if this scene doesn't make me a little misty.

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