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This episode picks up exactly where the last one left off: Bellick's discovered the hole in the floor, and he's peering into it while he debates whether it would be better to bust Scofield right now, or catch him mid-escape. Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to draw up a list and write down the pros and cons for each plan because Westmoreland's just whapped him upside the head with a shovel. Viva el zorro de plata!

In a menacing voice, Westmoreland says, "You know I can't let you leave here, boss." Menacing and yet...strangely enticing. Westmoreland whacks him with the shovel again, but that fails to fell Bellick. Instead, there's some serious wrestling and back-and-forth bodyslamming, and when Bellick gets the best of Westmoreland for a moment, he slams him into the counter. The counter happens to have a broken coffeepot on it, and one of the glass shards drives deep into Westmoreland's gut. Ach nein, Silberner Fuch! Bellick then grabs the shovel and prepares to dig a big cavity in Westmoreland's skull, but the con's got a thermos and a lot of adrenaline, and lays out the CO with one well-placed blow to the head. What? It could happen! Westmoreland looks down and finally notices the giant slab of glass poking out of his stomach. Pulling it out seems to hurt as much as putting it in did. Westmoreland's shaky and alarmed-looking, but he looks at the unconscious Bellick and sets his face as he prepares for whatever's next.

We then see a dog handler leading a German shepherd down the walk, right outside the yard. T-Bag watches it go and drawls, "Dawwwgs. The numerous times I've been apprehended while trying to elude the authorities, it's always because of the damn dogs." Oh, Robert Knepper, don't you ever get tired of pocketing every scene you're in? We switch to a shot of Westmoreland coming out of St. Louis. He's walking stiffly and wheeling a trashcan. I wonder if Bellick's inside. We see him pull his coat closed, the better to hide the red stain spread across his shirt.

T-Bag is still holding forth on canine olfactory prowess: "You can run from everything in your life except your own particular stink." C-Note needles him with, "Some of us stink more than others." T-Bag continues, "You can smell like a bou-quet of bonbons, but unless you get rid of your smell, you might as well send a letter to the police with directions and some cab fare." Abruzzi adds helpfully, "Theodore's right." Hee! Theodore! All we need are two more escapees named Alvin and Simon. Michael commands everyone to wash down their cells and their bunks. T-Bag adds dramatically, "Either get rid of your smell or change it." Westmoreland continues pushing that trash can with single-minded purpose: I really do think that's how he's moving Bellick to a point where he can drop him.

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Prison Break




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