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The episode opens with the assorted members of Team Escarpara II bitching and moaning at Michael about the digging in the tunnel and whether or not they'll also die in an avalanche of ill will and topsoil. Mahone piles on with, "Mr. Whistler tells me you got stopped last time by a cloud --" "I'm still working on that!" Michael barks. I'm still working on answering the question, You know Scofield's a genius with a poker face and a ruthless streak -- why are you acting like you're the boss of him? Bellick, that answer goes double for you -- you're the jackass who landed IN HERE because of Michael and yet you're snapping, "I'd like to know if this girl is going to put out before I spend any more time buying her drinks!" It's so cute how he pretends the strip club didn't make the patrons buy overpriced drinks. Whistler needles Michael with "You know as well as I do what's riding on this." Michael snarls, "I'd say I know better." He does not add, "Your girlfriend's head is still attached to her neck." Lechero effectively tells them to shut up and resume digging.

We cut to the outside of the prison, where Linc is inquiring as to whether or not Sofia will be joining him at the visiting pen. Answer: No. As Sofia explains, "James and I have a lot of things to clear up, and I'm through trying to do it through a ever wish you could go back in time, just to remember how it was like when things made sense?" Linc is trying hard to look all sensitive and sound pensive, but you just know there's a big thought bubble above his head reading, "LINCOLN AM GETTING LUCKY IN MONTMARTRE!!!"

Lincoln heads out to talk to Michael. The latter promptly asks, "Is that Whistler's girlfriend? Why's she staying in the car?" Lincoln skillfully lies, "Guess she thinks she'll see him tomorrow." "You've been spending a lot of time, huh? You sure that's wise?" Michael fishes. "LINCOLN AM CHANGING SUBJECT," his brother replies. Way to be subtle, guy. Michael tells Linc they're behind schedule, but they "should" be out by mid-afternoon the next day. Lincoln picks up on the "should" and Michael explains the problem: the tower, it is filled with guards and they all need to be looking the other way. Linc is like, "The middle of the day? Like, with light and everything?" and Michael explains that the guard complement is doubled at night, as are the jeep patrols. He then says, "Oh, and uh, there's something else. T-Bag's coming...and Mahone...and Bellick. Oh yeah -- there's a drug lord too." Lincoln fails to laugh out loud at the gallows humor. I guess I'm all alone with that then. He goes into a long lecture about how this is all about Whistler since L.J.'s life is in the well-manicured hands of the unbalanced Susan B., and Michael says, "I just wish there was another way to do this, to save L.J. without handing Whistler over." I just wish I could figure out why Michael's so soft-headed about Whistler, considering the latter tried to escape via helicopter, nephew be damned, then tried to play it off with, "At least I didn't kill you like I was supposed to!" At this point, Michael should be thinking of Whistler as a very large package (albeit one that probably would look better unwrapped) and delivering him accordingly.

Meanwhile, in the tunnel, Bellick is nervously telling everyone else to build those braces nice and tight. T-Bag comes down the ladder and attempts to sow discord with "we can work on this railroad all the livelong day and it dudden't matter if Scofield doesn't know what happens once we get off the train." Whistler derails T-Bag's metaphor by saying, "Once we get out of there, it's every man for himself. Scofield is not responsible for any of us." T-Bag says, "You obviously don't know him very well, Shakespeare. When we broke out of Fox River, he tried to screw every one of us." What T-Bag fails to add is that much of the original line-up on Team Escarpara had invited themselves along, so "screwing over" really means "didn't plan for at all." Anyway, T-Bag continues, "Half the men ended up dead, captured or [holds up prosthetic] worse." Mahone builds a brace as he adds his color commentary to Season Two's goings-on: "The guys who are easiest to catch are the ones who spend more time pissing and moaning than running." T-Bag ignores this and tells Whistler, "My only advice to you: Ecclesiastes 6:13 -- 'Separate thyself from thy enemies and take heed of thy friends.'" Speaking of someone who would like to be separated from T-Bag, it's Michael, come back to check on everyone's work.

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