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The Whipping Boy
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We open the episode right where the previous one ended: with Michael and Whistler facing one another as the excited prisoners ring them. We get a brief shot of Bellick looking really panicky. Lechero speaks for a lot of viewers when he's like, "Explain something to me, Blanco. One minute you're pleading to spare your friend's life. In the next you want to take it?" Michael shouts (rrrrowr!), "This man is no friend of mine!"

Whistler says, "What happened to your girlfriend..." "Her name was Sara!" Michael shouts (rrrowr!). In a voice choked with sorrow, Michael continues, "And she was a good person. And she'd still be alive, if it wasn't for you." It is not clear whether T-Bag heard Michael from his preening perch on the second floor balcony, but Lechero did. He confirms this is a revenge killing and warns, "Once you make such a declaration, there's no going back." Michael says, "There's nothing to go back to." Whistler looks at him with a mixture of confusion and pity. Lechero announces that they have a fight, and all the prisoners cheer. We get some crowd reaction shots: Bellick looks concerned, while T-Bag has a frankly appraising stare. Lechero gives the would-be combatants fifteen minutes to get their affairs in order.

On a completely fatuous note: one of the cons in the background is this absolutely enormous man who is like a 400-pound pile of muscle covered in rich, creamy adipose tissue. He is also bald, sporting a huge mustache, and wearing a red striped tank top with manpris. Every time I see him, I half expect a ringmaster to invite me to step right up and marvel at the world's strongest man. Who knew Sona had their own in-house carnival?

And now, back to the episode... Sucre is busy sending cash and prizes (i.e. pictures of himself) to the mother of his unborn kid. I personally suspect Maricruz is not With Child anymore, but that's only because she looked so svelte in the last shot we had of her. Anyway, Linc comes in and tosses Sucre a roll of cash as a thank-you for all he's done so far. Rather than take it and run off to his next job, Sucre surprises me by deciding that Linc could use his help with whatever he's about to pull off with the escape and subsequent prison exchange. Good for him!

We then flash to the Mahone plot. He's in a van, trying hard not to look like he's withdrawing too badly, when Lang interrupts his reverie long enough to tell him they'll be at the courthouse soon, the hearing will be right after that, and then the ball will be rolling on Project Park Alex In The U.S. Pen. Mahone looks down at his manacles, then says with false cheer, "Good. That sounds good."

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Prison Break




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