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Hello, everyone! I'm back -- did you miss me? Did you thank Mr. Sobell for filling in? I don't recall much of last week's episode, thanks to a week's worth of post-op vicodin, but apparently we are picking up right where we left off, with a sniper aiming his rifle at Lincoln's head. However, Linc soon passes below a leafy arcade and the sniper loses his shot. When he picks up his binoculars, he notices Don Self down in the plaza below -- and Don's got his binoculars fixed on the sniper. Don Self quickly alerts Mahone to the rooftop shooter; Mahone sprints up a set of stairs as the sniper keeps looking for Linc. The pounding of his feet on the stairs must have alerted the sniper, because the guy puts down his rifle, picks up a pistol and takes cover. So does Mahone. The two then have a firefight where many shots are exchanged, some come very close, but none hit any people. The sniper then pounds down the stairs. Mahone follows them and what follows is the world's first televised shootout set in an M.C. Escher painting. The sniper survives that, but he then has the bad fortune to run into Linc, who takes his gun, fixes it on him, and begins bellowing, "Where's Christina? Where's Christina? Where's Christina?"

The sniper is no dummy: he figures that any passersby will see a screaming man waving a gun around and figure he's the threat to public safety, and sure enough, that's exactly what happens. Whilst Linc is distracted by the screams of frightened passersby, the sniper whips out a blade and slices Linc's arm, then sprints off ... only to be run over by T-Bag. Linc decides that he might as well continue the interrogation, since nothing spells "this is not what it seems" like "screaming man waving a gun around and manhandling a bloody, unconscious person." Mahone manages to round up the rest of his idiot posse and get out of there before the cops arrive.

We cut to an exterior shot of a condo, then Dr. Sara and Michael letting themselves into a stereotypical beach apartment -- lots of light blue and white, with seashells and sisal everywhere. We find out that the place belongs to a friend of Dr. Sara's from medical school, and Deb only uses it during the winter, so our lovebird fugitives are in the clear to drop by right now. Dr. Sara exposits that Dr. Deb has a practice in New York, and comes down once a year to teach a seminar and update the exquisitely-posed photos of her perfect family. Dr. Sara takes in the wall of family-togetherness pictures and says to herself, "Good for her." Michael stands there, frozen. It is not clear whether it's because he has commitment issues or because his last foray into checking out a family photo album ended with his attempted murder.

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Prison Break




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