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The minute Linc's off the phone, T-Bag's asking, "Aren't you leaving something out? Something critical, like how it's your mama that has Scylla?" Linc grunts that he doesn't want to discuss it, but T-Bag persists, "Are you lying to the general because it's good for the team, or are you still protecting the woman who popped you out lo these many years ago?" Lincoln lunges for T-Bag, all, "LINCOLN'S MOM IS OFF LIMITS" and Don Self breaks up the melee. Well, as T-Bag says, there's your answer. Mahone attempts to reason with the crew: "If we tell [General Von Baldy] that Christina has it, he may know something that could help us, or he may determine that we're no longer useful. Everybody understand that? We're here to get Scylla. We need Scylla. And the way to do that is to stick to the plan and keep our mouths shut!" Then Mahone walks off, presumably to bang his head against a wall in exasperation over dealing with this group of maroons. T-Bag and Linc have to settle for glaring at one another.

Dr. Sara finally emerges from the bathroom, and Michael shows her what he's discerned from the scrap paper he took off last week's thug. The top line of characters has their prior coordinates ("Interstate 10, off rte. 4, in Arizona, with Michael's initials at the end), but the bottom line -- B2348ROCKWELL1630VS -- is baffling him. Dr. Sara's off to google Rockwell and figure it, and Michael adds gloomily, "Assuming Lincoln hasn't already." Oh, I think that's a safe assumption to make. The one he should be worried about is Mahone. Michael looks at the string of characters one more time and asks, "If I'm MS, who's VS?" We'll be finding out soon enough, if the shot of an attaché case monogrammed "VS," followed by a shot of an unprepossessing man straightening his tie, is anything to go by.

We then cut to Christina putting on some jewelry and muttering about how Bengali has fourteen different vowel sounds. That's nothing -- the International Phonetic Alphabet has 28. Some dapper stooge puts another damper on her mood by telling her Linc's gotten away. Christina stalks out of the bedroom, and we get more evidence that the wardrobe department seriously hates Kathleen Quinlan. First it was the white bras under the white shirt -- which you never, never, never do -- and now it's the ill-fitting bra creating back rolls. It's not like Kathleen Quinlan is what anyone would call "beefy," either.

Christina starts philosophizing: "Have you ever seen a supernova? They're quite beautiful, aren't they? They're very rare; they only occur about once every 50 years. We're a day away from a supernova -- a moment so powerful, it'll eclipse everything. And nobody's going to stop me." We get a close-up on her smug, smug expression. Well, it's nice to know where Michael got that from.

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Prison Break




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