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Back at Linc's condo, Mahone and Don Self are passing along the contents of the sniper's phone to the One World Conspiracy, so that they can get a number and location for whomever was pulling the sniper's strings. It's going to take an hour; the guys do not take this news well. Linc insists, "If we get to him, we get to Christina." T-Bag slams down the tradeshow badges and points out that maybe they can get to the event, since it's obviously very important to Christina; Linc hollers that the badges are for an event taking place the next day, and he wants Scylla now. T-Bag gives him a contemptuous look and says, "Oh, sorry -- there I go thinking again. My bad." This time, it's Don Self's turn to roll his eyes at the fractious idiots to whom he's shackled. And then, Lincoln gets a text from Michael; his brother is asking to meet at the marina in one hour. Good thing Miami only has the one marina, otherwise an amusing misunderstanding might take place!

Linc takes a moment to indulge in a flashback to when he first saw Michael in prison, then tells Mahone that Michael's in Miami and wants to meet. Mahone asks when, and after Lincoln has another flashback to him and Michael in Fox River, Linc replies, "Never. I warned him not to come."

Cut to Michael and Dr. Sara at the marina. It's Mahone who greets them with "Good to see you're both in one piece," but Michael has no time for social pleasantries: "Where's my brother?" Mahone tells him that Linc isn't coming. Dr. Sara asks sharply, "So you're working with him now? You're working for the [One World Conspiracy]?" Mahone is in no mood to debate the ethical dilemmas that led him to his current pastime, so he shrugs, "Sure. Whatever." Michael asks why Mahone showed up, and Mahone replies that he's here to warn Michael. "I could have saved you the trip, 'cause we're seeing this thing through," Michael smugs and I don't know what it is about him in this episode, but I tell you what: he hopped on my last nerve and shows no signs of debarking. Mahone asks, "What do you know? What do you think you've walked into?" and Michael snaps, "You tell me." Boy, that's a cop to "I know nothing" if ever there was one. So Mahone tells him, "Your mother -- she has Scylla. Whoever's going to get it has to go through her." Michael wants to talk to Linc. Mahone lays it out for him: "He's not coming. He's a little too busy trying to stay alive because your mother tried to kill him. And if you stay here with some half-baked plan, she's going to try and kill you." It's evident that Michael and Dr. Sara don't believe Mahone, which is too stinkin' bad since he's the only one of the series regulars who's still using his brain. Mahone makes one more plea: "Everybody can get what they want here. We don't have to choose between saving our families and taking down the [One World Conspiracy]. We can do both." This gets Sir Prissypants' attention and he asks Mahone, "How?" Mahone pleads, "I'll know when I get there. That's why I'm asking you, please, trust me. Now do you know anything? Do you have anything?" Michael replies, "The only thing I can tell you is that we're going to burn the [One World Conspiracy] down to the ground, and that's with or without you." Mahone takes off, presumably to beat his head against a wall while muttering, "They're both idiots. IDIOTS!" over and over.

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Prison Break




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