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Back at Deb's apartment, Michael is coming to grips with the idea that his undead mother is indeed a criminal mastermind. He shrugs, "At least she didn't want us killed. I should be grateful." Yeah -- it's proof that Mom liked you best. He concludes, "The fact that she thrived at the [One World Conspiracy] at the expense of everyone else makes me want to take them down even more." Dr. Sara's down with that, and her google-fu is strong: she's just dug up an address on Rockwell Ave. in south Miami that might be of interest to Michael.

Linc is multitasking: driving the car toward the location of whomever dispatched the sniper and arguing with T-Bag. Poor Mahone -- this is enough to drive him back to the smack. This is enough to drive anyone to mind-bending drugs.

We soon find out that the mysterious sniper-dispatcher is at the Indian embassy. I bet you didn't know that India had a Miami-based embassy! (That's because it doesn't in real life.) Sure enough, Christina hops out of the SUV, and Linc mumbles that she's got Scylla. He's all for storming the castle, but Don Self points out, "If she's going in, she's coming out. And when she does, we'll take our shot." T-Bag points out, "One thing I learned at Fox River is just 'cause something goes in don't always mean it comes back out." Oooh, snap! Don Self got schooled. Linc concedes, "You're right," and as T-Bag cups his prosthetic to his ear and says, "Hark! What was that? One more time?" Lincoln plows ahead with "LINCOLN NAB SYCLLA FROM MOM."

And now, your plotline-in-a-paragraph: Linc, Self and Mahone decide that T-Bag will not be infiltrating the Indian embassy with them. Instead, he is to distract the guards by clinging to the front gates of the embassy and blathering on about how terrible it is that the nation of India mistreats elephants. The good news for the inside guys is that this ploy works beautifully as a distraction tactic. The bad news is that it earns T-Bag a juicy beat-down from some hired security thugs. We next see T-Bag in the condo after the rest of the boys return. "Where's Shylla?" he asks through a fat lip. Don Self and Mahone exchange uneasy looks, and Don Self admits that Christina and friends left before he could nab it. T-Bag daubs at a laceration and asks, "I get the ash-kicking of a lifetime and you come back empty-handed?" Mahone flashes the appointment time that Christina left behind as a consolation prize, but T-Bag will not be placated: "A POST-IT NOTE? That's what you got? How 'bout some Elmer's Glue, you get any of that?" Then T-Bag points out that if they had just let General Von Baldy know that Christina Scofield was alive and well, this job would be a whole lot simpler. Despite his, um, complicated feelings toward his mom, Linc's not having that argument. Mahone attempts to broker peace by pointing out that the meeting is important to Christina, ergo, it's important to them. T-Bag is not having it, so he skulks off to tattle on Lincoln and friends to General Von Baldy: "Linc and Michael's mother -- she's got Shylla, here. In Miami." I would make a crack here about how that'll come back to bite them all in the collective rear, but it's unlikely. I say that after working through the highly scientific equation:

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