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(Innumerable Loose Ends)(Habit of pulling improbable plot developments out of thin air) / 3 hours left in this show total = Minimal chance of logical coherence

OKAY -- let's get back to the caper that Lincoln, Self and Mahone are pulling whilst T-Bag is pulling for the pachyderms. The guys skirt the security cameras and guards, thanks to T-Bag's distractions, go around a truly gorgeous in-ground pool, and head inside. Mahone texts T-Bag to let him know the guys are in, then the guys dash down the hall.

In another room, Christina is asking her dapper goon if he's ever seen the Taj Mahal. "Only in photographs," he grunts as he assembles some sort of computer inside a briefcase. Christina's seen it several times: "It was built by the Shah Jahan for his favorite wife." What a small world! YOUR SON built a replica of the Taj Mahal for his warden's wife. Christina's about to trash Aldo for something when her guy for the meeting shows up. She greets Avi in Bengali, then launches into her pitch: "This is an overview of the solar cell prototype. It's just the beginning of what's on here -- a desalination technique that can yield potable water within seconds. Bioengineered crops that will subsist in the harshest of climates. Revolutionary vaccines." Avi's all, "That's very nice but aren't you trafficking in stolen property here? And isn't the original owner something of a vindictive murderer even when he's not extracting payback against someone?" Christina rebuts, "That eight-carat purple diamond your lovely wife wears on her hand -- did she worry about which south African country it was taken from?" Oh, please say yes. Christina continues, "The profit margin would be split 50/50. Your country would handle the manufacture and distribution. I would act as your silent partner." This gets Avi's attention.

Meanwhile, Linc and pals change into black ties, the better to blend in with security. Mahone reminds Linc that "if we fire a shot in here, we're not getting out."

Christina is still pitching: "All you have to do is show up at the Progressive Energies conference tomorrow, go up on the dais, and present this technology as your own." Avi asks, "So I'm the one who looks like the fool if this venture fails?" Christina sidesteps that with "The leading minds of this world will be at that conference tomorrow, working on the crisis that we are facing with our planet. You will have the solution. You will be a visionary." What'shisname rebuts, "Dr. Vincent Sandinsky has done extensive research on the bargain theory. Says the proof of its practical application is pretty shaky. He's giving his speech tomorrow, and I'd like to make sure his findings don't debunk the foundation of our project." (Remember, "bargain" is an amalgamation of the chemical symbols for boron, argon, gallium and indium.) Christina thinks scientific rigor is for sissies and makes an appeal to Avi's nationalism, then points out that if he doesn't buy it, someone else will -- and then sell it to him at three times the cost later. She closes with, "What do you think your father would have done with this offer?" And as she goes, she reads and drops a post-it reading "Sandusky confirmed -- arrival at 4:30." Sandusky better hope someone else gets to him before Christina does.

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