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Medea Was on to Something

Michael and Dr. Sara are in the parking garage at the address she looked up, and they quickly figure out that the next three characters point to a parking spot. Once they find B-23, Michael jimmies open the lock on the sedan waiting there. Dr. Sara wryly comments, "Fernando was a great influence on you." "And vice-versa," Michael says. Aww! He misses Sucre as much as we all do. America's least fun couple hops in the car, where Dr. Sara promptly finds a briefcase containing car keys, a map to the Everglade Memorial Airport, and a gun. Michael quickly concludes that someone named VS was flying into the airport at 16:30, or 4:30 P.M., as we civilians know it.

Back at the embassy, Linc, Mahone and Don Self manage to get themselves caught. A minute later, the dapper goon comes over to Christina and tells her urgently, "We need to clear out." "Excuse me?" she asks icily, and the goon explains that Lincoln's in the building. Christina growls, "I need to close this deal, preferably without looking like an amateur. Handle it!" The dapper goon heads off. It turns out his idea of "handling it" is to make all three guys kneel on the floor, put their hands on their heads, then freeze. He then wanders off, presumably to apprehend some other intruders and force them to play freeze-tag too.

Good news for Christina! Avi's agreed to the deal. She takes off, leaving her Sandusky note behind. And in another room, Mahone points out that nobody's going to be killing anyone in an embassy, so it's time to go. As the guys head down the hall, there's a tense moment when they run into Indian security, but one soldier assumes they're part of Christina's security detail and he hands over the post-it she left behind.

Outside, the dapper goon is apologizing, but Christina huffs, "All I care about is Sandinksy! Is Boris on his way?" Dapper goon admits that he hasn't heard from Boris yet, but he'll check the status. Christina snatches the phone away all, "Do I have to do everything around here?"

We zip to Michael and Dr. Sara, who notice that the phone inside the briefcase is ringing. They put it on speaker and Michael asks, "Hello?" We cut to a shocked Christina asking, "Michael?" He declines to answer, and a still-gaping Christina snaps her phone shut. Dr. Sara asks Michael, "Is that your mom?" Michael is silent, and Dr. Sara warmly says, "Oh, Michael. I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to say." Scofield's fighting tears as he replies, "There's nothing to say. Nothing at all."

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Prison Break




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