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Another innocent civilian -- dead!

The episode opens with a computer imaging of sound waves, so as to let us know that Michael, Dr. Sara, and Linc are listening to the file on the thumbnail drive that Pope got out of the humidor last episode. What they're listening to is apparently too splendid for mortal ears , as we get only whooshy background music and lots of close-ups of Michael, Dr. Sara, and Linc looking grim. I mean, grim even compared to normal: you can tell because someone's brought in the special cheekbone-shadowing lights to make them look even more put-upon than usual.

The recording finally ends. We can tell because the line peters out, and Michael sighs. However, everyone's too stunned to say anything. How convenient. It's not like we viewers particularly care to know what was on the recording. Dr. Sara finally says, "Oh, my God." Linc backs her up with, "Yeah."

Meanwhile, in the Chicago FBI headquarters, Mahone is busy drawing red Xs through the Team Escarpara members he's killed or is about to kill (i.e. C-Note). He blows off Wheeler's testy inquiry into protocol in re: C-Note assisting in the Scofield capture, then cheers on the troops with: "We're at the half-way mark, people. Burrows, Scofield (scoffs), Bagwell, Sucre... they're still out there." Lang helpfully reminds everyone that Sucre's been spotted in Mexico. It is a bad sign for Sucre that watching people scheme to capture him is more interesting than watching his antics.

Before Mahone can assign anyone to go south of the border, Bellick comes in. Bradley still looks the worse for wear, so you can imagine how thrilled Mahone is to have this great contused oaf glowering in the doorway. Mahone excuses himself and says cordially, "In my office, please."

Once they're there, all pretense of manners flees. Mahone would like to know what the hell Bellick is doing there. Bellick says he'd like his money. Mahone asks coolly, "Your what?" Bellick snaps, "The Patoshik reward money. See, how reward money works is, someone is rewarded the money, and since I'm the one who hunted down Haywire, the money gets rewarded to me." Oh, Bradley -- a week away from getting buggered by hyperthyroidal giants and you forget whatever lessons you learned about how bullying people is unpleasant for the one who is not the bully.

The two men quibble a little, and we learn that Bellick is not exactly clear on what the phrase "stay under the radar" means. Mahone says testily, "Are you under the radar, Brad? This is an office full of federal agents who now have all seen your face!" Maintaining his streak of complete blindness to anyone else's social cues, Bellick says he doesn't give a rat's tiny hindquarters about who sees what. He then adds, "If you don't pay up, I'll go out there and drop trou." Then he swaggers over to Mahone's desk and puts his feet up. Again, I repeat: funny how a week out of the pokey, the same man who was the victim of bullying is back to his old ways.

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Prison Break




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